Dear Hotmail Staff,

Is there a way to recover emails received from a specific email address and between date range?

(NB : If additional maintenance and costs are needed for this request, please let me know and send the cost estimate. Depending on the price I will let you know if I will be able to pay this).

In 2011 I received an email from my sister with it attached a copy of my University degree. This is email has been deleted since.
The attachment would be really valuable information for me because it could help me finding a job. I am unemployed right now.

The option to recover recent deleted emails in Hotmail doesn't work for me. But I am convinced that you have other tools and
ways to this find back in your system.

- Period : between February 2011 and December 2011
- Emails to look at : containing attachments only
- Email address (sender) : (deleted in order to preserve privacy)
- Email address (recipient) : (deleted in order to preserve privacy)
I have a need to store emails received and put in folders on my active email for business and legal purposes.  Is there a way to do that and if so how?

Is there a way in hotmail that I can add my name as a "signature" so everytime I send a new email to someone my name shows up at the end of the email

I just got a new machine (Air) and downloaded Office 2011 for Mac.  I work for several different companies so setup identities for each client.  I need to do it this way, so that I can be certain that I do not send emails to people from the wrong email address.  That would be disastrous for me, and something I have done before, so I know the pain!

On my old machine (Pro) which also had Office 2011 for Mac, when I clicked on the Outlook icon the identities box came up and I choose which identity I needed to use.  I do this several times a day as I change company hats.  But I do not have this option now. I am not sure why it is not there, or if I need to download something extra.  

When I click on Outlook it just accesses the default email address.  And I know that to change default email addresses, I can hold down option, click on the Outlook icon, change the default email, close the identity dialogue box and then click on Outlook again to access the relevant email address, but you can imagine doing this several times a day is cumbersome.

Is there a way I can get the old configuration back of just automatically having the option to choose which identity I want to use when I click on Outlook?  The identity box that comes up does not have the option to always make it appear, so I am unsure what is wrong here.  Any help?

BTW, as an interim measure I setup separate users for each email address, and now flip between users using faster switching (or something like that), but this may still be problematic, because tools such as Evernote have had to be setup on each user profile, which is duplication of Evernote databases and therefore gobbling up storage which is extremely important on my Air machine.

Thanks for your consideration.

There has to be a better way  as I notice there are a lot of complaints on Hot Mail e-mail.  This has been going on for months...

30 to 200 junk e-mail everyday from the same companies or people keep coming, it appears there are a lot of other complaints on this problem.


{removed}@hotmail .com



Is there another way that is easier like a right click other that going thur the options and all the other clicks.


I am seeing up to twenty junk mail posts at a time from different sources with the same titles and all from the USA. Can I block them.


About a year ago I tried to get Syncing to work on Outlook 2011 because I really like it.  I like the look Calendar and I like the way the it creates different Calendars (with colours) for each catagory on my iPhone.

What I don't like is the way my Addresses in Outlook are duplicated, erased, added to randomly etc in Outlook.  It makes it useless.  

Since it was the holiday season, I decided to spend on day on this.  I even exported an OLM fine for back up.  That didn't work because I got a message saying that I quit the restore, which I didn't.  So I deleted my 2011 identity and went back to Entourage which works fine.

Then I thought that since I don't really care if Outlook syncs to the Apple Contacts or iCloud (which it does flawlessly), can I just use iTunes and ignore the syncing stuff?  Who knows, I might just try it again.