Buenos días, tengo un problema que no puedo recuperar mi mi cuenta de Hotmail, ni mi cuenta de Facebook la cual necesito ingresar, ya que tengo recuerdos que no quiero perder pero me pide verificación por mail al cual tampoco tengo acceso porque olvide su contraseña.Puedo comprobar que es mía por mi foto en Facebook y mi DNI o lo que sea necesario para para recuperarla ya que me disgusta no poder ingresar (ya probé con intentar recuperar la contraseña pero no tenia mi número de teléfono actualizado). No sé si es el lugar correcto para la pregunta pero ya me cansé de buscar ayuda, lo cual encon
ho comprato una tastiera omen 1100 e non so come cambiare effetti dei led da xbox serie s
sound does not work so when I click on troubleshoot the sound I do the troubleshooting. the sound gets fixed. The next day sound not working so I go to troubleshoot. then it's fixed. the next day not working go to troubleshoot start working. it repeats. how do I fix it for good?
Can i fix it with a usb that doesnt contain anything
there is no option of whatsapp in sharing the photos
How to make myself administrator using guest user? I can't find family user and other users in window 11
turn off the password when starting the computer
I found windows 11 beta version a month ago but that was not working smoothly as I wish for. Anyway, please provide me any way to get the fully update windows 11 IOS file. Thanks
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I performed a clean install of Server 2019 Essentials and all seemed to go well.The machine has a fixed IP address of on the network and the DNS was pointed to the router, installation completed without running any wizards or creating any shortcuts on the desktop.  I guess that is one of the "improvements" in 2019 Essentials.That's OK.  I wasn't a fan of the Wizards in 2016 anyway.I located Server Manager in Windows\System32.  I was able to add the A/D and DNS roles.  I logged in as NWC\Administrator, located AD Users & Computers, added an Admin