Hola.. mi único problema es que no puedo ENVIAR correos  a nadie...si recibo todos los correos que me mandan.. .solicito directivas..gracias..
Is getting help from support team costing me money?

Доброго времени суток друзья!

У меня есть аккаунт Windows Live Messenger но как я знаю поддержка WLM завершена в апреле 2013 и заменена на Skype но есть ли у меня шансы попасть в мой аккаунт через Windows Live Messenger 2009?

my  microsoft    excell  dose not  work.  necessity  cashing?
I had to change my administration title. I made up a false one. Now I need to have my administer back. I don't have correct password. What do I do?
Missing UXCore.dll 

Missing UXCore.dll how can I get one 

Would appreciate it if someone could tell me how to either download all my photos from OneDrive - about 85,000 - and / or sync Onedrive Photos to a QNAP NAS.

I have tried all the alternatives but due to the number of photos the clicking / selecting folders and photos does not work with the volumes I have.

The Desktop Onedrive app will only allow 100 photos to be selected at a time so this is no good either.


How do I transfer files from my old computer to a new one? The old one is a hp and the new one is an Lenovo both have the Lenovo app downloaded on it but cannot connect for some reason.

Thank you in advance

How to re-install wldcore.dll on my laptop running windows 7.....