why isn't the hut emoji on Microsoft? well, when COULD the hut emoji come to Microsoft? I'd really like to see the hut emoji on Microsoft one day. it's new in 2020, and it's been a year now. so when is the hut emoji coming to Microsoft?
I am involved in a digital humanities project - I have an extended Greek keyboard, but some of the text I am checking requires a combination of characters - I am struggling to find a Unicode onscreen keyboard.  Can anyone point me to a secure downloadable onscreen keyboard?  With thanks 

Hello Microsoft Community!

Can you tell me the app that not showing in this picture in the start menu down? I want the 20H2 start menu to be just right please.

Neither myself or others have been unable to locate my gmail spam/junk file on my HP laptop.  Where is it?

Good Day

I am having trouble getting to replace missing dll files on my laptop, I've tried reinstalling them but the pc keeps saying files Not found, Please advice on how to go about reinstalling them if possible, Thanks 

I have successfully completed the referral bonus programme of Microsoft Onedrive. Now i want to know the usernames that were used to signin with my link. So how to get that list ?

Hi my name is  Yvon Cadieux

I got my email  *** Email address is removed for privacy *** 

I can't  remember  my password

And also i got a  new phone number 


what i can do to solve it

After updating Cortana to the newest version she can no longer do things she used to,  like sending emails, closing apps, singing or remembering things about me like my name, or what I like.

Can I fix this, and how?