I opened my mail app and near my gmail account was a "!", so clicked on it and a window poped with manage and fix, I clicked on fix but nothing happened. I deleted my gmail account from my mail app and now I can t connect with it anymore. I don t know what happened, please help me...

not able to load lotus 123

on window 8


I've just tried to recover one of my very old email addresses i made years ago for research purposes, upon trying to log in however it has been "blocked" and prompted the reset option for me. I went ahead with resetting the password on the account and that was all perfectly fine, but I've now changed the password several times through the system and it's still saying the account is blocked..can you unblock this for me?

the address is *** Email address is removed for privacy *** 

i not can access messenger in my windows7 when i tried using the cmd or DOS promp command.

I am not able to install Windows live Messenger. Always the words: name or password are not correct.

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change my administrator password...which looked fine. Sometime later, turn off then turn on computer but cannot get in. wrong username or password appears.
If I Download the native app from the Viber website, the sync options are clearly displayed. The sync doesn't work, though, but that's for some other time. My question is, how do I start a sync when I install the Viber for Windows 10 app on my Win 10 laptop? There's no command, and I was unable to find a magic button like "sync contacts and existing chats" or something...

windows live messenger will not open in windows 10 , says not available at this time

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I am sure that the display is supposed to say "Brightness and Colour", but it doesn't. I also upgraded windows 8.1 to windows 10

This error occurred when I try to install DT MAX(a tax return software):" error 1935. an error occurred during the installation of assembly component {9BAE12A2-E7AF-D6C3-A01F-C8B3B9A1E118E}. HERSULT: 0x800736B3."

I use a windows 10 professional 32-based system.  What I Should do to fix the error?