i use acer laptop and i didnt run any apps right here only task manager was opened

How do I take a picture with my laptop?

Hello friends,

I am planning to switch my current hosting for my technology blog. I am confused which hosting providers i should choose from below:

1) GoDaddy

2)Big Rock

3) Siteground

4) Bluehost

Can anyone tell me which is the cheapest plan in India from the above? I don't want to invest much in hostings.



 when i go to play minecraft on my ps4 multiplayer it tells me i have to go to this website then change something in the privacy and it doesnt even work olease helo me
Why continue to charge my account i cancel long time so want my 14.99 back in my account by monday am call my bank
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My password changes every time and now I can't get into google

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How do you uninstall sugarazo antivirus from the pc? Pl help. It has slowed my pc down........

i can't sing in