ho comprato una tastiera omen 1100 e non so come cambiare effetti dei led da xbox serie s
sound does not work so when I click on troubleshoot the sound I do the troubleshooting. the sound gets fixed. The next day sound not working so I go to troubleshoot. then it's fixed. the next day not working go to troubleshoot start working. it repeats. how do I fix it for good?
Can i fix it with a usb that doesnt contain anything
there is no option of whatsapp in sharing the photos
How to make myself administrator using guest user? I can't find family user and other users in window 11
turn off the password when starting the computer
I found windows 11 beta version a month ago but that was not working smoothly as I wish for. Anyway, please provide me any way to get the fully update windows 11 IOS file. Thanks
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I performed a clean install of Server 2019 Essentials and all seemed to go well.The machine has a fixed IP address of on the network and the DNS was pointed to the router, installation completed without running any wizards or creating any shortcuts on the desktop.  I guess that is one of the "improvements" in 2019 Essentials.That's OK.  I wasn't a fan of the Wizards in 2016 anyway.I located Server Manager in Windows\System32.  I was able to add the A/D and DNS roles.  I logged in as NWC\Administrator, located AD Users & Computers, added an Admin
support me guys