BOSE Headphones, bluetooth.

I feel that I have exhausted all netly remedies to my problems.  I cannot get my Windows 7   computer to pair with my BOSE QCll wireless bluetooth headphones.  Computer lists said headphones in devices and printer but does not indicate that is paired.  These headphones are new, work well in several of my other devices. I am using a CSR 4.0 bluetooth USB adapter.

where is my mail
can't sign. My messenger
I cant login to msn messanger :(.

Ineed to change my email. and keep my gametag and all my info.

Hi, i've been trying to log on to messenger using my Nokia Lumia 635 since yesterday but have no luck. It always give the error #602 whatever.

I already tried to unistall and reinstall the messenger app but it diesn't work. What am i going to do now?? 😭

restore safely remove hardware icon
I used my computer together with my older sister, which pass away recently. She was the administrator of the computer. I was never interested to ask her the password etc. as administrator. How can I take the control of PC as administrator?
The Messenger app on the Microsoft Store is too old. You can't add my day, you can't react to message, you can't even see your friend's day!! Anyone got a clue when it might be updated?😭

My Headphones work perfectly after plugging them in, thanks, but when I try to use the call button feature, a notice comes up telling me that in order to use that feature I have to install Windows Live Messenger. We all know that Live, which became MSN, has been abandoned for Skype. What I would like to know is how will I be able to use this function?

Just asking, thanks.