Non riesco più ad entrare nella mia mail con il pc, mi dice sempre pagina non disponibile. Neanche mi fa digitare il mio accaunt e la password. Qualcuno mi può aiutare?
I am having trouble finding the windows 10 video camera or its driver so I might activate the camera and use it for audio visual messaging 

Since the last upgrade, I have lost messenger and cannot reload it.

Problem: After password changes, MS Teams will load but it states that it ran into a problem and needs to restart. You restart and it asks you to login but the login page is blank/white and will not load.

I work in IT for a company and we have seen this many times, especially on password changes.

It seems the only fix is to restart Teams - it then asks for a login. If you put in your real, known good login, it will pop a login page but remain white/blank and not load.

In order to get it to load, you put in a bad login or a login that the computer does not know. It then will then pop a login page and it WILL load. You then correct the login to the known, good login and then it will prompt for a password. Input the password and Teams will load.

This has happened to many computers when password changes occur.

Question: This has been an issue since we deployed Teams months ago. Is there anything in the pipeline to fix this? MS is rolling out all these changes but cannot fix a simple issue like this when something is running in their own ecosystem?

When I turned on the pc today, there was a message saying some Microsoft services were on the blink.  Maybe I'm just stupid, but I didn't think I was using any services.  I tried to access my desktop, but I could not get past the sign-in page .  (that doesn't usually show up--I just go straight to the desktop)   2 "users" on this pc -- one admin and one not.  have been using non admin b/c I think the last guy who tinkered with pc screwed up its password, and I don't trust him to fix it.  anyway, since I could not get into regular user, clicked on admin--and there is is--untouched, and with no password required to access it.

so, i'm sorry, but that seems to me really strange.  the help pages I found suggest some "fresh start" -- but that erases me data.  WHAT IS SAFE FOR ME TO DO HERE?  is this happening because of microsoft services on 1 feb?  or did aliens invade over night?

great!  I have to pick a product before I can post?  I do not know what any of those products are!   will try windowslivemail, but have no idea what it means

oops!  no.  the post says my question APPLIES TO windowslivemail.   I don't have that.   I'm just trying to use my personal computer.

Isn't there a phone number where I can speak with a person?

Do I need to download Windows 10 onto my Dell Inspiron N7010 and if so how do I do it.