I logged on today (first time directed to windows live) to discover all of my emails gone :-(
Some contacts are intact but there is not a single email in any folder except for the "welcome email".
I tried the message retrieval from the deleted folder but no messages were able to be retrieved.

I have read that some people are receiving personal help from moderators.

I do not know what else or where else to go to seek assistance.
Like many other posts... there are years of memories lost in these folders.

Thank you for any help.

I wish to copy e-mails, which include videos, from Windows Live to my HDD.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

 Regards auldbob

 I hate Outlook, I'm trying the advice to click on the gear thing, hope it works.  Nothing happened yet.  Any other advice?


 I do not want thh Outlook  format w/bells and whistles and in your face ads which will not go away.  I involuntarily received this "gift"and want to re-gift it!  I somehow "found" a site where I could switch back just before the New Year's but I had worked so long and hard I could not remember how I happened upon it.  .  But that was short lived -3 days-and then I was re-programed back to OUTLOOK.  How can I return to the old Hotmail format?  HELP!!
I prefer the Hotmail setup and have been in there through Win Live Acct but cannot get back to Hotmail, every time I try to login in I end up with Windows Live. Having no choice here is frustrating but I must be missing something, any help appreciated.

When I install this says ok. but can not find any of programs on computer. Try to install again say already have windows live essential 2012.

I,m running windows seven ultimate 64. No where in Programs can I find so even can not unstall.


Any help Thanks Barry

When i sign in to messenger two of my favourites have a different email address gmail @ ntl when they sign in will it show up in my messenger when they sign into their email accounts so i know i can talk to them any help is grateful thanks.
Some time ago I set up my Hotmail account so that when I load the programme, it automatically opens with the INBOX.

I have forgotten how I did this some years back and I want to do it again for my friend who I have just registered as a Hotmail user. Her opening page does not open on the Inbox with all the folders at the side.

I would be so appreciative of your advice on how to achieve the aim.

Thank you for your help with my earlier questions. Much appreciated.

Many thanks.

I have new laptop due to Trojan worms ruining my old one.  I have created 3 email accounts on this laptop but cannot find any place that will allow me to add my contacts manually.  It used to be so easy just a click and you were there ready to put in your information.   

thanks for any help!  

When I sign in to Windows Live Hotmail, I klick in the "keep me signed in" box, but it never does. I have to go thru the naus of reentering my user name  and password. HELP