My both Hotmail accounts are malfunctioning in the People's (Contact) List.  When you open the Outlook People file it just hangs and doesn't open.  When typing addressee it will not insert the automatic addressee email address?  Why is this so?


I am trying to email a group of people, who I have established as a group on the contact page, without the entire list of email recipients showing up for everyone to see. How can I do this. I have tried what I've seen posted on the forum so far, but each time the list shows up. Any suggestions?
hotmail no longer loads people from my contact list when I start to enter an addres in a new email. how can i fix this? Previously, it would suggest names from my contact list or from people i had sent emails to. Also won't load the address when I reply to an email.
Wanted to add my Hotmail contacts to my new Kindle Fire and I lost all of the contacts.  Can I get them back and if so can they then be added to my Kindle Fire?
I need recovery the list of the contacts people from the old count and downloading to new count.
old count:***
new count:***
Let me tell you that my old count I didn't remember my password 
so I need to get my contacts people, please.


Hector R.

I don't have access to my contact list and I can not write a message
I have successfully removed a name an email address from the contacts folder,
BUT it is nto removed from the drop down box in the address bar "to" when I want to send a new email.

In case this doesn't make sense, let me explain:

I have removed Helen Brown from my contact list and when I wish to send an email to anyone at all whose entry in the contact list starts with "H" then the drop down box that imediately shows (to save me having to type the full address) not only shows other contacts whose entry starts with "H" but it still shows the entry for Helen Brown, which I had deleted from the contact list for my Inbox.

Please: How do I remove the name from the drop down box ?

Thank you in anticipation for your help.

Has anyone figured out how to do this? I finally figured out how to print the task list in a list format (they don't make it easy!) but then of course this doesn't include emails that are flagged for followup, which is about half my to-do list. So, if i can print a list of messages, filtered by 'flagged' then i can have my whole list. 

any ideas?