I have set up an IMAP Outlook account with a custom domain on Apple Mail.app. Everything works well so far, but when I send an email, two identical copies of the same email are stored in the Sent folder (but one copy is sent to the recipient). In Mail.app I have tried everything.

Since 2 month the same problem and nobody is helping. They always keep saying, write in another area or open a own thread.

So please held me solving this problem - finally.

My emails are not showing up in my inbox. The only things showing are the envelopes indicating that I have mail. I cannot see from where the email originated. Is this a temporary thing during the restructuring?

When I try to open my Outlook email account I get the following message.  However I have not selected a message yet I'm just trying to get into my messages. 


Sorry, there seems to be a problem with Outlook right now

The message you selected could not be found. It may have been moved or deleted. Please click the folder again to refresh the view.
This happens every time! 



I desperately need help. Since last night I can no longer receive or send emails.
I have tried sending emails from my iphone, ipad, Imac, windows 7 PC, and I still cannot send or receive any emails.

Can someone please help me urgently?
I haven't change or re-configured anything on my end.

Starting last week, I  cannot reply to or forward an existing message or create a new message when answering email from outlook online from my home computer.  This occurs on only one computer and oddly with only one of the windows user logons available on that computer.  From any other win user logon on that computer, I have no such issue.  Thankfully, I can still reply to emails  from my phone and my Surface.


The affected computer runs Win 7.  The issue happens when I am accessing outlook.com from IE.  The computer has been scanned for viruses, malware, etc; none were found. 


I saw an answer to this same question for another person on the outlook community page that said try clearing  your browser's cache. I just finished clearing the browser's cache and the problem has not been fixed.


Please help.

I have an old hotmail address, when I try to log in I get a message the account doesn't exist.
I am having trouble getting into my itunes account, this Microsoft account is my rescue email address. 
Can this account be restored, I can't remember the last time I used it. 
Hi Im trying to reset a password on an email account. These accounts are under my domain but i use outlook.com for them 
The domain name is tekmakmty.com

i have 2 email accounts that i need to reset the password since im the admin but i only have the option to disable or delete the account. 

Can someone help me with this?

In relation to:

I am unable to hit "reply" to the last comment.
Had another issue a while back on another question where I was unable to mark one of my own replies as the answer to my own question... after I found a work around seeing as no answer was actually constructive. See: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_8-system/the-backup-failed-win8-0x80780119/fb62a18f-4d7c-461e-a9cc-68520ebf30c5

My current issue (the first one above) is two fold:
#1. unable to reply
#2. MS's security system is so bloated that it's easier for me to rely on my alternative email address (a Yahoo one btw) for password recovery than it is to try and remember a new password. Essentially, the security of my MS account depends on the security of my Yahoo account...

...anybody see a flaw there?