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Emails sent in client Windows Live Mail 2012, whilst going into sent folder,  are not being received by recipients unless there is an attachment.

I have checked that sending emails, whether with or without attachments,  direct in service provider's email page does work so this would point to a Live Mail being source of problem.

I have not changed any settings in Live Mail. I did do some maintenance work such as deleting newsfeeds quite recently.

I would appreciate some help to solve this problem.


I have a Macbook Air and need to move my saved attachments to the new machine from my old Macbook. Can I just copy the contents of the Saved Attachments folder over to the new machine?

Also, before you answer that, you should know that I started using the new Outlook 2011 instance and received several emails before I noticed the rest of the old attachments weren't on the new mac. How can I integrate these Saved Attachment folders. I am running Mavericks 10.9.3.


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I am not receiving some attachments when they are sent to via windows live mail. The one in question has a warning of "not trusting the digitally-signed-message".  I know it is from a trusted source but how do I correct the problem? Thanks for your assistance.


I have recently been having trouble receiving certain messages with photo attachments.

They come from people that I know, and the messages included photos that I wanted to receive.

The attached photos arrive as text instead of as an attachment. 

 I believe that the messages all came from iPhones.

When I ask the sender to resend the message to a Yahoo mail address which uses my browser instead of Windows Live Mail,

I receive the photos as attachments as intended.

Please explain how to solve this problem, and if possible, how to recover the messages that were sent to ne where I got text instead of attachments.


Sometimes attachments come through and sometimes they don't! It's random and I've gone through the Security Settings and have it completely open at the lowest settings and these attachments still aren't able to come in. In my quickview window, the little paper clip is visible so I know there's an attachment but when I open it - nothing! Please help!

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Hi All,

I have a problem viewing images attached to an e-mail when the attachments have the same file name, the version is Windows Live Mail - Version 2011 (Build 15.4.3555.0308).

Say I receive an e-mail with three images attached, all with the file name photo.jpg, when I go to view them, either by clicking 'View slide show' or by double clicking on an individual image as previewed at the top of the reading pane, I always get the last attached image, I cannot view any of the other images.  I believe this is because WLM extracts all the attachments to a temporary folder, and as they all have the same name they overwrite each other leaving the last one standing.

A different e-mail with three images attached named photo1.jpg, photo2.jpg and photo3.jpg display fine if I double click them or view as a slide show.

I've tested this on two different computers with WLM and it happens on both.  Does anyone know a workaround - or how to report this as an issue to Microsoft?



I have replied to an email that had attachments.  I cannot see the attachments in the reply email.  Is there a way to reveal them as I have accidentally erased the original email
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Recently when I tried to send an e-mail using Windows Live Mail with pdf. attachments I got either a delivery failure notice or the e-mail was received but with the attachments showing as DAT files which Windows Live Mail could not open. As a test I sent a mail with the same pdf. attachments but using my service provider (Fastmail) directly and the e-mails were received with the correct pdf. attachments which Windows Live Mail could open.

This seems a new problem. What can I do to over come it?



First of all, if there is another way other than applescript that also does the trick, that is also fine.

I've been searching the web for a script to save all the attachments from my email to a local folder (Or network folder) and then delete them using applescript.
I came acros alot of script but all of them don't save my actual attachment, the best script I found deleted the attachment and added a line in the email saying the attachment was deleted. I tried so many scripts, trying to combine and edit them but they all don't seem to save my attachments.

so somehow the this part of saving does not work

     save a in “/Users/****/Desktop/” & id of msg & “/” & name of a

Is there a change in code maybe? Cause the posts are from 2 years ago.

tell application "Microsoft Outlook"

set msgs to current messages

set sz to 0

repeat with msg in msgs

set theName to subject of msg

set fixName to theName as string

set AppleScript's text item delimiters to "/"

set theString to text items of fixName

set AppleScript's text item delimiters to " "

set fixName to theString as string

set AppleScript's text item delimiters to ""

log "Subject: " & subject of msg

tell application "Finder"

set p to path to desktop

make new folder at p with properties {name:fixName}

end tell

set fileDownloadedList to "Attachments Removed:<br>------------------------<br>"

if msgs is {} then

display dialog "Please select a message first then run the script" with icon 1


end if

set atts to attachments of msg

repeat with att in atts

set a to att


set asz to file size of a

save a in "/Users/ssbg/Desktop/" & fixName & name of a

set sz to sz + asz

set fileDownloadedURL to "file://localhost" & my path2url(POSIX path of fileDownloaded)

set fileDownloadedList to fileDownloadedList & "Attachment:  <a href=\"" & fileDownloadedURL & "\">" & fileDownloaded & "</a><br>"

on error

exit repeat

end try

end repeat

set content of msg to fileDownloadedList & "<br>" & content of msg

set attachmentCount to count of atts

repeat (attachmentCount) times

delete item 1 of atts

end repeat

end repeat

end tell



I receive calendar invites with attachments in them.  When I accept the invitation and the event is added to my calendar, the attachments are not added within the calendar event.  How can I fix this?