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I have tried everything.  All of my contacts are there under people online at outlook.com.  If I start an email and start typing in the to: space it fills in the contact but there are no contact list to be able to view, change, or edit or add new.  Should I download a different mail program.  I have tried the export import nothing works.  I have saved the excel .CVC file and tried dragging it into the folder, that does not work either.  I have also gone on the people app and tried importing the contacts that way and it can't find my account, all though my password and email are correct.  I got a new window 8.1 computer. The windows live mail on my new computer is really different.  I know others are having this problem because I read it but the answers I have read don't work. 

My existing Contacts List are already large in number and I do not want to add to the list unnecessarily. As a Membership Secretary of a Group I wish to Create a Group Listing with all the members' email addresses in but I do not want to add all 80 plus names to the existing Contacts List I have as most of the 80 odd are not the people I would normally add to my Personal Contact List.

A work around appears to be is to list the emails in a word doc and highlight, copy and past into the 'To' 'cc' or 'Bcc' whenever I wish to email them - is that the simplest it gets or is there an easier way - I have Windows Live Mail 2011

All replies put in simple english (not too technical please) appreciated.

Richard H

I used to be able to add a contact to an existing group in Windows Mail with out adding this contact to my regular contact list. 

This does not seem possible in this version of Windows mail.

has this oprion been eliminated or am I missing it?

when trying to send a message to a group displayed in To; or CC after i press send a message comes back that i must include an address. if i select an indivigal from the group the e-mail goes to that message. Problem surfaced when installing a new hard drive and windows 7. the contact list was inported from Googal mail;
I saved off my contact list from an outlook express mail system under XP to be restored under win 8.1 after installation.  Initially had a problem with a particular entry because the import process would stop because it didn't recognize the format of a record.  I edited the file using notepad and removed all entries which were not formatted correctly (Name, email address) and did another import.  The process stopped again and I looked at the record where stop occurred. athe full name is NAECED members and the Personal email is *** Email address is removed for privacy ***.  I delete all contacts including the NAECED one and try to import all contacts again.  Get the same problem.  It appears that the member entry isn't deleted but it isn't in the CSV file.
I am using W7. Windows Live Mail. Just today I sent a series of emails and they were all bounced back. My contact list is "offline".  I really need to fix this as my husbands doctors stay in touch with us on line!! And we communicate with them.
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I can not delete all my contacts in live mail. I have tried everything in on line posts and nothing works. I can select all with ctrl+a but NO delete. I need help I have a clean backup to use but I need to delete ALL contacts and start fresh. HOW? I have tried to un-install and reinstall, went to people and cleaned up contact list (this did drop number down to 700- my clean list has 290). Nothing I do seems to make a difference.  Is this contact list stored on line some where? How do you get to it to clean it out? I have re-set permissions, run as admin. I'm at a lost.

Whenever I receive a new message, the message goes to the Outbox first and Windows Live tries to send it to everybody in my contact list.  In order to receive new messages, I go to Outbox first, delete all messages, and then go to Inbox.  Then the messages will appear.  How can I get this program back to normal?  I have gone to the Control Panel several times, and 'repaired' the program.  It isn't repaired.  What do I do?


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Starting in the last couple days I keep getting a box in Live Mail asking me to sign in using some hotmail address that I may have created YEARS ago and never used.  I've tried every password I can think I might have used and it won't accept any.  Finally it comes up wanting to send me a code to an old e-mail address that doesn't exist anymore and one that I can't change because I can't sign in.

This morning I created a new account under my current e-mail address and now it won't give me access to my contact list.

What's going on?  How can I get my contact list and history back?

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Using Windows 8.1

Prefer using Windows Live Mail,  but the contact list is not populated. Is there a way to sync or copy the contacts associated with "People" in 8.1??