My husband and I have 4 email addresses (I have 2 x Gmail addresses plus 1 – still working though this has been cancelled – husband has 1 x Gmail address) which all worked through Windows Live email.  A few months ago my email box disappeared
from Windows Live and reappeared under “Mail”, presumably Microsoft Mail.  I do not like this account as it is not so clear what has been sent when.  Now one of my emails has stopped sending or receiving, though I can still receive on my mobile phone, but
that does not receive from the second address!!  As rather a technophobe, it has driven me crazy today and wasted hours of valuable time. 

Can anyone give me SIMPLE instructions on how to restore the emails to our Live Mail account whilst still syncing to our mobile phones?

why i am receiving duplicate mail in my window live mail box

Hello, how i can print in how to print in unicode UTF 8 windows live mail. i already set my windows live mail in Unicode UTF 8 because this is the only language that the other characters and symbol show correctly, but when i print it, it shows different
language, and symbol. i already set default int the font and international setting the unicode UTF 8

My Windows Live Mail page shows my email address with all the options below it such as inbox, sent, junk, deleted, etc. Underneath that list is my email address again with only OUTBOX listed underneath it. But when you click on that one all my email appears again.  I am having to do double deletion and when I click on it and find the options to delete the account, I fear I will delete both of them since same name. I rather not have both of them delete and have to go through the download process again for Windows Live Mail. What should I do?

Windows 7, quad core, 16GB.

I am using Windows Movie Maker 2012 to make a video of several time lapse avi's created in VirtualDub from a string of jpegs taken with a fixed camera.  The avi files are steady as a rock.

When I preview the movie in the preview pane, it looks great.  After creating it as a wmv file, and playing it in Windows media player, the video shakes and shows obvious cropping on the edges.  It's as if it was "de-shaking" a shake free video!

Can anyone help?

Size of avi files, 1280 x 960, 30 fps.  Output size on wmv file, 1280 x 960. 


Hello my name is Andrew, I'm aving trouble set up my Lexmark printer 730 Series

can any body please help me thanks await reply Andrew Davis

Is there a comprehensive tutorial for Photo Gallery.  I am wasting hours spinning my wheels trying to understand something that should be pretty straight forward and simple.

I want to import my pics from my camera, edit and resize them to certain specified dimensions, save them in a folder to my desktop so that I can upload them to a website for eBay.

Please give me some guidance where I can follow step-by-step instructions in an orderly way.  I am hopelessly lost in trying to conduct my business with photo gallery.  I prefer not to buy adobe or corel but may be forced to do so if I cannot figure out how to work with photo gallery.