I have Windows Live Mail and have had it for a long time.  I have tried to reply to emails and I keep getting a message that says the SMTP setting might need to be configured.  I have not changed any settings at all so I was wondering why all of a sudden
I can’t reply to any emails and how do I fix this?

Windows 10 updated 3 days ago and since then my downloaded emails will not open, stating Windows Live Mail encounterd an unexpected problem while displaying the message & check you computer for low memory or low disk space. I have done this and also a
Windows live repair, does anyone have a solution?

Can no longer upload photo gallery to facebook . There is no connect to facebook on the link I was given to correct this problem . Problem just started this last month.

When opening window live mail I get a message telling me I can not send or receive emails, and the error 0x800C013E

Hello, I need help? How can I delete my Dell account credit 

On Monday night 27/07/20 our work PC updated to the new version of Windows 10.  When I got in on Tuesday morning our email system is no longer working.

I have attached a photo of the error message we receive. I have googled so much but cannot find a solution for this.  I even installed Windos Live Mail 2012 onto my personal laptop to see if I could use it through that but it threw up even more errors. 
Another big issue is that I cannot export our email either to back it up as that also shows error message.

I tried to uninstall the mail programme and re-install it but you cannot find the older version of Windows Live Essentials 201, or I couldn’t anyway.  I have tried updating anything else that is needed for the new version of Windows.

It would be great if anybody had some advice for me of what else could be tried or do I need to wait for a patch?

I understand that we should probably move over to a different system but I love the interface of Windows Live Mail 2012.

If you can’t see the photo error message reads:

*unable to send or receive messages for the Work account. An uknown error has occured.

Server ‘mail.madasafish.com’

Windows Live Mail error ID:  0x800C013E

Protocol: POP3

Port:  110

Secure (SSL): No

My email in Live Mail is not accepting the password.

It always keeps on giving me error message for “incorrect username and password” we already reset ad update the password on our live mail but still didn’t work. 

Tried to use POP and IMAP settings as well. 

Can someone assists me to give the correct server default configuration?

We cannot setup an gmail account using windows live application.

Thank you. 

same as above

I have many files with the flower logo. When I try to open them it gives me the message, "Photo Gallery does not support this file format or needs updating."  Anyone else  have this issue?  Thanks!

My husband and I have 4 email addresses (I have 2 x Gmail addresses plus 1 Virgin.net – still working though this has been cancelled – husband has 1 x Gmail address) which all worked through Windows Live email.  A few months ago my email box disappeared
from Windows Live and reappeared under “Mail”, presumably Microsoft Mail.  I do not like this account as it is not so clear what has been sent when.  Now one of my emails has stopped sending or receiving, though I can still receive on my mobile phone, but
that does not receive from the second address!!  As rather a technophobe, it has driven me crazy today and wasted hours of valuable time. 

Can anyone give me SIMPLE instructions on how to restore the emails to our Live Mail account whilst still syncing to our mobile phones?