My computer was hacked. I have now changed my password and the hackers are now locked out. How can I recover my folders/files they removed.Thank youPeter Tyler

After I save my movie, it says: Movie Maker Stopped Working. But Every time I want to put Cinematic AutoMovie Themes, It stopped working It says: Sorry, This Takes longer than expected. Can you close Movie Maker? But again, Every time delete an Item, it says: Movie Maker had stopped working. BTW, I am using Windows 7 Home Basic.

Is there a replacement for windows photo gallery

Although windows live mail appears to be working ok It keeps asking me to sign in

How do I stop this happening

Yahoo instructed me to delete my email account from Windows Live Mail and then add it back.  I did that.  However, the standard folders Microsoft gave me are empty.  The folders I created and see on are nowhere to be seen.  Nothing. Zero.
Zilch. Nada.  Not even an error message! 

I want to continue using Windows Live Mail to manage my email accounts.  How to I get the information on Yahoo’s server to populate Windows Live Mail?

I have Windows Live Mail and have had it for a long time.  I have tried to reply to emails and I keep getting a message that says the SMTP setting might need to be configured.  I have not changed any settings at all so I was wondering why all of a sudden
I can’t reply to any emails and how do I fix this?

Windows 10 updated 3 days ago and since then my downloaded emails will not open, stating Windows Live Mail encounterd an unexpected problem while displaying the message & check you computer for low memory or low disk space. I have done this and also a
Windows live repair, does anyone have a solution?

Can no longer upload photo gallery to facebook . There is no connect to facebook on the link I was given to correct this problem . Problem just started this last month.

When opening window live mail I get a message telling me I can not send or receive emails, and the error 0x800C013E

Hello, I need help? How can I delete my Dell account credit