i have two email accounts which are attached to my outlook. my second account i have in outlook was working fine and then one day i noticed that there were multiple inboxes being created. it looks like there is no plain old 'inbox' but there are about a hundred 'inbox 1' 'Inbox 1.1" 'inbox 1.1.1" and so on. they are all listed below each other. i have tried to delete them all one by one but they just reappear more and more each time i open up outlook.

any ideas??? 

Just installed Outlook Max 2011 on brand new macbook air

When I "send/receive all" All it shows is "updating server" and "download attachements" but I don't get any new mail in my inbox.

Oddly, I DO get the latest sent mails.


Webmail shows new email but never appears in Outlook client inbox

I can remove the account and re-add the account, inbox will show all correspondence up to that time but still doesn't receive any new emails after

I was using version 14.3.9 when this first happened, updated to 14.4.1 and the issue still persists

Can anyone help me resolve this ?


I am using Outlook 2011 connected through an Exchange Server... For some reason emails that are moved to a folder (any folder) or that are in the inbox suddenly disappears. It is a very random thing. You don't know that an email is gone until you go searching for one. I searched all through outlook and nothing was found. Then I logged into OWA and went to the deleted items folder and right clicked on it. I clicked on Recover deleted items and the emails are sitting right there. I had recover the emails to put them back in my inbox. No one has been able to give me a answer to why this happens.

Here are somethings that I did to try to fix the problem with no luck.

1.Created a New Identity

2.Changed Domain password just in case I had an old device that was no longer in service.

3.Used OWA  (no client at all) for for a week and I didn't notice the problem.

4.No rules setup

Any help I could get one be great.

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hi, I am getting my emails sent to the deleted folder. They are not visible until I open the deleted folder. the first one of the day usually goes into the inbox, but as soon as I read it it disappears into the deleted folder, any ideas please.

I only have one computer running windows 7 on internet explorer.

Currently all of my emails are coming in under one INBOX with a green arrow over it.  I successfully imported existing folders and sub folders from my PC and would like to keep the same format. I also have 2 other email accounts that I would like to set up on the Mac and would need those emails to go into their perspective Inbox's and well instead of all going into one INBOX.

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I recently bought a new macbook pro and downloaded all of my old software onto it. I am running Outlook for Mac 2011 and all of the sudden, on my new computer, I cannot get anything out of my inbox. When I move any emails to specific folders or to the trash, duplicate emails regenerate in my inbox. When I log on to my gmail online, I see the emails are all still there as well (with tags next to them indicating where the duplicates are). Have followed numerous threads and tried everything, including:



Help, please! 

Yesterday, I had two IMAP accounts, for which all of my info was current, disappear from my InBox though they still appear when I go to the Accounts area of preferences. It's not just that the emails themselves disappeared but the names for the accounts themselves are gone.  (Specifically AllerStaff and Leikenfamily @ SBC. I re-created the latter so you can see in the InBox area I have LeikenFamily new but don't want to try with the AllerStaff one. The AllerStaff one didn't just disappear on one computer but on two! (Though the accounts are fine on my iPhone — for now.)

How do I get them back?

I'm on a Mac (one MacBook Pro, one iMac) and they're both running Mavericks. One of the accounts that disappeared was a Gmail, the other was Yahoo/ATT, both IMAP.


  I've just setup Outlook 2011 for Mac (14.3.9) to work with my corporate IMAP server and have noticed a strange behaviour. When I drag an email out of the inbox into another IMAP server folder, the email gets put in the new folder and disappears from my inbox in outlook, as you would expect. However, if I access my inbox from my iPhone, or via a web interface, the moved email was never deleted from the inbox - so I have one copy in the target folder, and one copy in my inbox.

  What appears to be happening is that Outlook is not syncing the delete of the message from the inbox back to the server. I've tried 'Purge Deleted Items' (no effect), and if I do 'Repair Folder' then I will get back those messages there were supposed to have been moved.

  Does anyone have an ideas? I've gone through all the settings and searched the web and have come up blank.