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How do I send email to groups of people in "mail" Windows 8.1, (NOT OUTLOOK, OUTLOOK EXPRESS or LIVE MAIL pleaseeeeee).
I have a very light shade of blue phone that comes up (windows live call) but I am not able to do any thing with it. Don't even see a place to learn more about it any where. I sincerely, thank you for your time and energy.


fow do I change the frequency Windows Live Mail checks for email?

In Windows Love Mail when I click any hot link in an email I get the message "...file does not have program associated with it..." and am not able to go to the desireded link. How to fix this?
Last year I signed up for a one year Windows support program at $200 for the year. This year I was prompted to renew but the renewal charge was stated to be $200 a month, even suggesting that that was what I had been paying through my AMEX card. That is not what I paid. So I was cancelled for not agreeing to the 12 times higher price. Why the confusion?

I wish to copy e-mails, which include videos, from Windows Live to my HDD.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

 Regards auldbob

In my desktop Outlook I could get Jewish, Islamic and Christian holidays. How can I get this in Hotmail and, by extension, on my Windows phone? Why hasn't Microsoft support answered this?

hi guys

I normally use Outlook but recently downloaded Windows Live Mail onto a PC I don't need to buy Outlook for. Does it have the equivalent of the "Outlook Today" Screen? If so, how do I turn it on?




I have a lot of mwssages in my inbox and would like to be able to glance somewhere to see the exact number regularly.  I am sure I could do this with Windows XP and probably am being a bit thick not knowing how to see in Windows Live Mail......