i cannot directly contact  the one person who is my  contact i can see when they send message cos their name appear on bottom of screen but when i click the name at bottom or go onto live menu i can`t easily find the message but by trial and error and changing screens it come up and i then can have conversation. also if i try to start conversation and click contact even though their name appear in conversation box message does not arrive .Why? please help. I have windows XP on dell optiplex gl280 computer i did not have this problem on windows messenger but have it now i have windows live messenger plus
When signing on, the screen came up with a box suggesting that I use the HTTP
to secure everything.  So..... I selected the button for http.
Now my Mac /Safari has lost the hotmail format that I normally see.
Help !!!!!!!!!
I want my old screen back,Outlook sucks.My favorites list is gone also.Help!
I do not use outlook, messenger, or other option in hotmail and have no idea how. Hopefully I do not have to search for a people tab there.
After posting this I tried to go back to my hotmail acct and the screen is blue and white with the options in black down the left of the screen. I cannot access anything.
Please help.
I clicked on everything and nothing happens. it will not switch back.
I attempt to reply to an e-mail or delete old emails and and when I do hotmail reverts back to my home Screen

hi guys

I normally use Outlook but recently downloaded Windows Live Mail onto a PC I don't need to buy Outlook for. Does it have the equivalent of the "Outlook Today" Screen? If so, how do I turn it on?




When opening the messenger screen I do NOT want my user name or password to be there.  I click on forget me, but the next time I open messenger my screen name and password are alreadey there again.  How do I permenantly stop this????
When using my Hotmail without the mouse, i.e. on the pad, the view suddenly seems to have zoomed out to very tiny print, despite it showing as Arial Font 12 . Any ideas as to how to restore to normal view please?
i have recently gotten a laptop, i was trying to move the cursor across the screen and now the whole entire page is alot smaller, how can i change it back?
Whenever I hit the reply or forward button it just gives me a screen like I'm typing a whole new message.  It doesn't show the senders address or the subject or the email that I'm replying or forwarding.  This just started in the last week or so, because I was able to reply to messages earlier this month.