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How do I send email to groups of people in "mail" Windows 8.1, (NOT OUTLOOK, OUTLOOK EXPRESS or LIVE MAIL pleaseeeeee).
When opening the messenger screen I do NOT want my user name or password to be there.  I click on forget me, but the next time I open messenger my screen name and password are alreadey there again.  How do I permenantly stop this????
Some emails aren't arriving through Windows Live Mail on my Windows 7 system on my PC.  Know this because am getting them on my IPad.  Server is BT .
I keep getting the wrong responses to my issue. Edit does NOT appear in my tool bar when my contact list is brought up. Someone from MSN should take care of this already !!!!!!!!
How can I send the same email to 5 persons(not as a group) while hiding the addresses?  Thank you.
My account is *** Email address is removed for privacy *** and not Al.GUSTAFSON@Outlook
Using the latest version of Outlook and Mountain Lion. Usually about 2-3 days of using my Mac Outlook loses its sound and the only way to restore it, is to reboot. This is NOT a hardware problem as I am able to play music in iTunes and MOST other apps. Perhaps this may be a OS bug, or it may be that I need to re-install Mountain Lion. What do you say?

I was trying to find a way to see my messenger messages more fully at work and accidentally clicked the "report user abuse" or whatever it is and the user is NOT using Messenger in an abusive way.  I'm mortified here.  How do I correct this error?

 I have been reporting Phishing emails for months and they just keep on coming, what happens when they are reported? I think my only solution now (and all my friends who are having this problem)  is to cancel our hotmail accounts and go elsewhere.


P.S. I have sent an email re this in the past and have not yet received a response....NOT IMPRESSED!