I use an older MacBook, and yesterday unwittingly started with outlook.com and automatically now use HTTPS. I managed to change back to Hotmail on a Windows computer. I now want to change back to not automatically using HTTPS, but can't find a way. Doing the action below doesn't seem work on my computer.

Hope somebody can help.




If your computer is automatically using HTTPS, I suggest that you connect using HTTP. Please refer on the steps provide above by one of our community member.


To manually do this process, please follow the steps below.

1. After logging into Hotmail and navigating to your Inbox

2. Change the URL in the address bar of your browser to https://. You should only need to delete the ‘s’ onto the https and leave the rest of the URL as is. Press Enter to follow the updated URL.

Have a Mac tower and Notebook, both OS 10.6.8_  Have been using Outlook on Notebook for 2 types of accounts and need both on the tower.  Just now finally installed Outlook on the tower.   Set up Exchange and one account (pop) works after import but need mail account on Exchange for work.  Error alert says "Unexpected data was encountered" when installed Outlook on Mac Tower and tried to get mail.  I have a backup on an external drive from Notebook that has been working.  Where to find Data to "import" to new setup?
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I'm running Outlook 2011 on my Apple 10.6 machines - 2 desktops and 2 laptops.  They are synchronizing to an Exchange 2010 server at work. Everything works ok except I'm noticing that one task is missing on one of the laptops - it sees the others and they're being updated (synchronized) but this one is missing! What can be done?
I have set up "rule" on outlook in order to autoforward incoming messages from my work email to my gmail. However, the messages stuck in outbox and needs to manually triggered. 
Software: Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2011
Version: 14.2.5
System: Mac OS 10.6.8

I plan to send a work oriented e-mail from home and do not want people replying to me.
My hotmail account is frozen I cannot open any messages, I cannot send any messages the only links that work are my contacts, and the signout link. But when I signed out all that will come up is microsoft setting page demanding an alternatve emal when I enter one the page resets and dosen't register it. This has been going on since last night.