I don't know about everyone else but I use WMM a lot. I can't afford any of the professional programs like Vegas but i'm eventually gonna buy it if Microsoft doesn't make new updates. Although the interface is easy to use, there are no extra features like adding sound effects or visual effects. For example, one of the projects i'm working on has a part where a house catches on fire. But there's no option to add something like that in movie maker. There was another part where I had to spend hours trying to find a sound effect that I needed. Why doesn't windows make a list of special effects that users can use. I understand that Microsoft wants to keep it simple but add some more features. We pay $150 for windows anyway. Either add another program that can make effects or add more features.

I have tired to instal Microsoft essentials but this error code appears can you help? 0x8004FF91

My account was blocked with a message that stated it may have been possible that someone tried to access my account or that the incorrect password was entered too many times.  A rep from Microsoft sent me a link that allowed me to access the account after I filled out the information page that requires you to list numberous things about the contents of email messages.

That worked fine for a week or more, but now the account is locked again showing the same message.  Im hoping that I can get some assistance in unlocking the account again and taking the neccessary steps so that this does not happen again.  I have important medical information inside that I NEED to be able to access.

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I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing here. If there is a way, is it the "Reply to Group" button that I came close to using?

Hi there,

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It's been a few days that I couldn't log in Outlook.

Whenever I click Microsoft Outlook to check my e-mail, 'Microsoft Error Reporting' pop-up window is showing up.

It says:

Microsoft Database Daemon has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

I've already clicked the 'Send' button to tell you guys about this problem.

I haven't received any reply back, so I'm leaving a question through this website.



When I choose "Update Profile" for my Microsoft profile, I cannot update my Last Name to be my correct Last Name of "Paakki".  I have had to put "Paakki_" for some reason.  Could this be some sort of uniqueness constraint?  I am happy to change/remove any other Microsoft account/profile as this is now my only account that I am using.
At C:, Users, Name, AppData, Local, Microsoft, Windows Live Mail, Storage Folders: I have some duplicate folders. These duplicate folders have the same name as other ones, but with a (1) added. Some others are duplicated in a folder named "Imported Folders". How can I get rid of these duplicates? And, how can I keep WLM from creating them again when I open the program?  

what should i do in "trust this PC"...when i click it,it redirect me to my microsoft accnt...then i log in...and requires me an email add to send the verification codes to confirm my accnt..then i enter the codes to confirm...and it said visit the site account:live.com on Internet Explorer on windows 8 device you would like to trust...and it always go the same thing...what should i do to it?