sempre q entrava no hotmail, para ver meus e-meils, meus amigos que estavam online ( com uma bolinha verde, ao lado do nome)apareciam, e eu podia falar com eles na mesma hora melo menssager, e agora essa lista sumiu, e quero de volta, como fazer?

I had an e-mail account with, I terminated my account with them and set up a g mail account a over a year ago, just found out that when people receive e-mail from me the reply is to the old my domain address? I deleted the new g-mail and opened it again, still the same thing ! What am I doing wrong!  What can I do to correct this!

Uso o Windows XP, messenger versao mais atualizada para o XP e webcam Microsoft VX-3000. Nas conversas de video com pessoas q tem Windows 7 e o novo messenger, minha cam nao trava para mim mas quem recebe minha imagem reclama que nao existe movimento. Isso nao acontece com Skype, usando os mesmos contatos. O que acontece? Voces precisam corrigir alguma incompatibilidade que esta existindo entre o Messenger para o XP e o Messenger para o Windows 7 e 8?

Hyperlink will not open when clicked upon.  I get a message: "The file / could not be found".

However, if it is right clicked and "Open URL" is selected it will open.  Any way to have a simple click open the link?


I use an older MacBook, and yesterday unwittingly started with and automatically now use HTTPS. I managed to change back to Hotmail on a Windows computer. I now want to change back to not automatically using HTTPS, but can't find a way. Doing the action below doesn't seem work on my computer.

Hope somebody can help.




If your computer is automatically using HTTPS, I suggest that you connect using HTTP. Please refer on the steps provide above by one of our community member.


To manually do this process, please follow the steps below.

1. After logging into Hotmail and navigating to your Inbox

2. Change the URL in the address bar of your browser to https://. You should only need to delete the ‘s’ onto the https and leave the rest of the URL as is. Press Enter to follow the updated URL.

Hi everyone, the problem that we had is trying to send a e-mail from our server to Hotmail and we recive: rechazó su mensaje a las siguientes direcciones de correo electrónico: produjo este error:
SC-001 (COL0-MC3-F9) Unfortunately, messages from weren't sent. Please contact your Internet service provider since part of their network is on our block list. You can also refer your provider to 

Error al intentar entregar el mensaje a esta dirección de correo electrónico. Intente enviar de nuevo el mensaje. Si el problema continúa, póngase en contacto con el personal de soporte técnico.

Plase referme wher to send a e-mail to unblock. Thanks
My emails are listed in date order but I used to be able to access them alphabetically by putting them in "from" but it won't allow me to do that now.
I did update to Outlook,com and that seemed to resolve the problem but only for a few days.
Now either in hotmail or Outlook the message pops up saying there are too many messages to organise but  only have 250 emails.
What should I do?
Whenever I go into it freezes and I get the message, 'cannot connect to Hotmail, try again later'! Some times it says, 'check your Network and try again'!  My network is working perfectly and I get into Yahoo immediately and on my husbands computer the same thing happens although he can get into his Hotmail account with no problems!  So it must be my Hotmail account and not my computer, What should I do?