My father's Windows Live Mail has been working just fine until an update was installed two nights ago.  Now, it will not open.  No error, nothing.  The circle just spins and spins and nothing happens.  I have tried seeing if there are other updates, and there are not, making sure he has the latest version, and he does.  I have done the "repair" option twice.  Still.... nothing.  He is operating on Windows 7.  His computer has sufficient space.  I went through to troubleshoot anything and everything possible, spending 7.5 hours on his computer last night.  We worked offline, online, turned off his antivirus, made sure he had no malware on his computer - literally everything I could think of.  It just will not open.  He needs his old emails, so I am not brave enough to uninstall it completely because he will lose everything.  Without being able to open it to export contacts, email, addresses, calendars, etc.... we are stuck.  Please help!  (He does not have a Windows Live login, either.) 

In Outlook Express using Windows XP, I had an icon which appeared in bottom right of screen if un-opened mail was in my Inbox.

Now using Windows Live Mail with Windows 8.1.

Can I get a similar icon to show?

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A few days ago - for no apparent reason - Windows Live Mail spent ages stuck in trying to download an email and then decided to delete all my emails - from all accounts and the storage folders. Accounts reloaded when things settled. However, there is a problem with the storage folders. All the emails are corrupted. File structure is the same, but in a new "recovered items" folder. But when I click on each email, I get the text of some other, completely unrelated email, frequently the same unrelated email for every email in a particular folder.

If I search in Windows Explorer under "appdata" all my emails appear with the first few lines of text as they should be - BUT !! if I click on an email file - the file which opens is the unrelated email again. Clearly, the info for all my lost emails is held somewhere but I just cant access it

What has happened and how can I recover all my inaccessible emails ?

((Windows Live Mail 2011 - Version 2011 (Build 15.4.3555.0308)))

how do I disable syncing of calendar items on Windows Live Mail client? syncing appears to get stuck on infinite loop while sending and receiving and doing calendar items


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Emails sent in client Windows Live Mail 2012, whilst going into sent folder,  are not being received by recipients unless there is an attachment.

I have checked that sending emails, whether with or without attachments,  direct in service provider's email page does work so this would point to a Live Mail being source of problem.

I have not changed any settings in Live Mail. I did do some maintenance work such as deleting newsfeeds quite recently.

I would appreciate some help to solve this problem.


I am very sorry, but I have to post yet another question:

in my desktop Windows Live Mail I have two accounts. I use one account for synchronising my mail with the online version of Windows Live Mail (I sign in with Windows Live ID and everything works fine). However this doesn't work for Contacts and Calendar - whatever I create locally doesn't show up when I sign in with Windows ID (I create something locally, it doesn't show up online; I create something online, it doesn't show up locally).

So this is really frustrating. I very much hope someone can help.

Thank you.

I am having this problem. I can't send or receive, and when I close Live Mail, this error message pops up that says that it is downloading message, and it keeps going and going unless I hit the stop tab. The error tab reads like this;

Unable to send or receive from Mikey's Mail account

Server response ERR no such message

Server error; 0x800CCC90

Server ''

Windows Live Mail error;0x800420CD

Protocol; POP3

Port; 110

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I am currently running Windows 7, Windows Live Mail 2012 and IE 11.  Links received in emails are not highlighted and cannot be opened.  The same links function normally in other mail programs.  All IE default settings have been re-set and IE has been reset to the initial state as when it was first installed.  Clearly this is a Windows Live Mail issue.  I have tried every published fix but to no avail.  Help please.

I have used windows livew mail for years with no problems. Now that messenger comes wityh windows essentials, how do I activate the messenger icon in the ribbon.? Can I use messenger in the to do area? lineoutlook 2013

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