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There are many of my friends all across the U.S. who have shown a desire to comb through my personal music memorabilia. As a rookie with no formal education in the area of computers, nor have I been able to find out how to create a useful method of compression that would allow the person tools to open and view the compressed files without some hassle. I do not have a clue about decreasing the size of my movie so I can share in email or facebook! While I'm asking, does anyone know how to create a link that one could simply click on and be carried to the file for viewing? That form of granting access to my creations automatically would be ideal?

Thank you to anyone who may be able to share a solution to this problem! McDsPlace

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I changed my password on both Facebook and on MSN Live Photo Gallery and still can'tshare photos to my Facebook Account~~

Is the a phone number I can call for support??

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I have noticed this ,as well,from Ted Kuhn towers,where I live,and use the 2 computer's,to here at Surrey Library.It may have been other places ,as well,but not so noticable, as of lately.
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I have created a movie in windows movie maker. The saved file works fine however when I upload to Facebook the movie only plays audio. I have sent it up via the programs share button as well as just uploading the file.  I have done it in Divx and wmv and it still plays back the same way. The only place it looks good is on my desktop.

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I have a serious Facebook addiction and I really want to get a hold on it. Its really affecting my studies!!!!  I have installed various blockers/extensions on my browsers and Stay Focused is brilliant as I am able to set it up so that I cannot undo the block until the time is up. This is pointless though because I do not know how to block the Facebook App on Windows 8.1!!!! I am constantly un-installing it and reinstalling it and I'm getting sick of it. I am close to formatting my laptop and reinstalling windows 7 but really could do without the hassle. 

I am currently staying with my parents and therefore do not have access/ability/knowledge/permission to mess around with the router or settings that are not on my laptop.

Please, someone tell me how to block it????!!!!!???? 


I am a 'average' computer user, so if your responses require more than that please break it down simply for me.

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I made a video for my mom for mothers day, live over 400 miles apart so im trying to upload to facebook but once i go thru the process i keep getting "Could not load file or assembly 'System.Web, version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the specified file." error. Please help im very annoyed.
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I made a move using still photos, and a soundtrack.  I uploaded it to facebook but the screen goes black even though the little scroll button slides across the screen it wont play
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I have tried several methods, and every time I upload a video to Facebook, when you play it back, there is no video, just audio.

This also happens when I try to upload the raw file from my camera - without any rendering by Movie Maker.  So, what's the deal?

Is this a problem with my PC, or a problem with Facebook?  Video from my Android phone uploads just fine. I just got the latest

Windows updates, tried it again, and still doesn't work.  Any ideas??  This used to work when I had just the plain old Movie Maker

that came with Win7 (not the Live version).

Is there any way I can uninstall Windows Live Movie Maker, and replace it with the old Win7 Movie Maker?

I  have 2 email accounts attached to windows live mail. (hotmail and Iinet) One of the email accounts Iinet -  I use totally for my Facebook game (Farmville). I should be receiving messages on a daily basis regularly.

For the past 24 hours not a thing and 2 days prior to that - they were arriving 20 hours after being sent which is totally unacceptable.

I have been with windows live mail for ages with never a problem. Cant find anywhere to get some live support or assistance.

Anyone else experiencing the same problem or have any answers ?????

Thanks Mark