I have a very light shade of blue phone that comes up (windows live call) but I am not able to do any thing with it. Don't even see a place to learn more about it any where. I sincerely, thank you for your time and energy.

I logged on today (first time directed to windows live) to discover all of my emails gone :-(
Some contacts are intact but there is not a single email in any folder except for the "welcome email".
I tried the message retrieval from the deleted folder but no messages were able to be retrieved.

I have read that some people are receiving personal help from moderators.

I do not know what else or where else to go to seek assistance.
Like many other posts... there are years of memories lost in these folders.

Thank you for any help.

I am trying to email a group of people, who I have established as a group on the contact page, without the entire list of email recipients showing up for everyone to see. How can I do this. I have tried what I've seen posted on the forum so far, but each time the list shows up. Any suggestions?
Every time I log into Outlook I am automatically logged into Messenger, how do I stop this happening?  I do not wish to be bothered by messages on Messenger when I am trying to deal with my emails.

Is this address from Microsoft?  (Removed for Privacy)  

An e mail is in my junk mail for the second time asking for address, password, name, etc., or my e mail account will be shut down.
How do I know that it is not a scam  and someone trying to pull something on me.


I have signed into hotmail, probably the first time in a year, and all my emails have gone! H0w do I get them back? I have tried going to the Deleted folder and clicking recover emails.
All of a sudden, probably just before Christmas 2012 I was receiving emails from my boss.  I work through the computer and I need to receive his emails.  I have a MacBook not a pc................Can someone help me get my emails from my boss.  I can get his emails through Yahoo..........so I guess it's time for me to get rid of Hotmail if it's not going to get me my emails.
Hotmail has been working perfect for many years.  Now it just wont open.Every time I put my address,and code in,nothing happens.I get a blank,and have to re enter,and the same happens again. help needed please.

I would like to send all my email using 16pt.  How can I change that so that I do not have to do it each time?