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Windows Live Mail 'Junk' button does not seem to do anything?. when you click 'Junk'? shouldn't that E-mail address etc. be added to the 'Blocked Senders' list?, Regardless of 'Automatic Filtering' being turned on or off?.

I have Automatic Filtering turned off, I prefer to filter spam manually & have done so for years now using Windows Live Mail. only recently have I noticed it may not be filtering addresses that I've previously marked as Junk?, I had to manually add an address to an empty blocked senders list?.

I also have the options checked to permanently delete & also report to Microsoft?, I especially hope the option to report to MS works properly?.

So whoever develops Windows Live Mail? Please Ensure all these things are working properly?. TY.

I mark email that has been thrown into the "Junk" bin as "Not Junk" and the next time I get another email from this trusted site, it is once again thrown into the "Junk" bin.  If I mark an email as "Not Junk", isn't it supposed to accept all future email from that sender/domain?   This is a service website and I get weekly emails from them that should NOT be seen as "Junk".  My client is Windows Live 2012 email and I'm running it on Win 7 Pro x64 with all MS updates.
Hi i normally  get emails from seek.com and i accidentally put this email in my junk file. i removed it from the junk file back to my inbox and since haven't had any more emails. i went back and marked it as not junk and have added the email to my safe senders list and mailing list. but still not receiving my daily emails. I contacted seek and they assured me that my account was still active and to make sure that my isp wasn't blocking the emails

if you can help me resolve this issue i would be grateful 
Going through my Junk Folder today for items received between October 25 and 28, 2013, I selected good ones and clicked "Not Junk", and instead of going to my Inbox as usual, they disapeeared, after a brief message appearing on screen saying that my "request cannot be fulfilled at this time". These items cannot be found anywhere (Deleted Folder, etc.). Can you please help me retrieve these (some work related). Thanks.

My hotmail received a junk in Galician. It contains only picture and an attachment. The title of the junk is "Boleto Bancario sobre Protesto!". But the weird thing is that this junk was sent by myself, which I am sure that I did not.

Has anyone encountered the same problem? How to solve it? Thank you in advance.


Can anyone tell me if there is a way to keep the junk mail that I mark as JUNK and BLOCK to stop from getting through over and over again? It's annoying to mark it as junk, and then block the contact only to have it get through over and over again day after day. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am sick of all the E-cig emails and emails that promise to get me out of debt! Thank you for your time.

I have been a hotmail/outlook premium subscriber for several years and don't mind paying for the extra "perk" of not having advertisements, having extra storage, etc. In the past week, I have been inundated with 10-15 spam emails at a time, multiple times a day, that come to my InBox instead of  going to the JUNK folder. Over the past 3-4 months, I have noticed the JUNK folder filling up multiple times a day with between 10-30 messages at a time. This is something new. I use this account for business and have other email accounts that I use for online shopping, etc, so I haven't given this email out to anyone in the past few months. What's going on that the SPAM filter isn't sending these emails to the Junk folder?
This keeps happening, and I usually catch it and move them again to my inbox. However, today I moved about 6 messages - they no longer appeared in the junk folder, so I then emptied the junk folder. About an hour later, I checked my inbox and the messages aren't there. They are also not in any of my other folders, nor are they in the Deleted folder or the Junk folder. I need to reference one of these emails and it seems to be gone. How can I get it back? Thanks.

When creating a "new" rule, Outlook asks for sender information: "Select from the options below to determine which messages are affected."

I chose "Sender" and "contains".


Then, the instructions state: "Step 2: What action do you want to apply?"

From drop-down in "Move to Inbox" list, I finally discovered I could choose the Junk folder.


However, I can't figure out how to indicate exactly who it is that I want to affect. The process never offers an option to describe the Sender.

Previously, this function worked. I know, because I've already got five similar rules in there.


Now, I'm stuck at this point. There's nowhere to insert my "Facebook" entry or any other partial Sender's name. I want these messages to go back to the Junk folder again.

I have a .co.uk business email account and recently emails I send to my clients are being sent straight into their spam/junk folders and not getting to them. All these clients have hotmail or live accounts. You must have changed your filters. But I am a bona fide business as a funeral celebrant. I only send drafts of funeral services to individual people to seek their approval before I deliver the service for their loved one. It really is causing a problem for me as it is a stressful enough time for people without me having to tell them to check their spam for my email - half of whom are not confident with email in the first place. It doesn’t exactly make me feel good that all my hard work and care is being viewed as junk by hotmail.