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How do I send email to groups of people in "mail" Windows 8.1, (NOT OUTLOOK, OUTLOOK EXPRESS or LIVE MAIL pleaseeeeee).
I need to retrieve a hard deleted email from May to try and claim some money back for an online order I made for which the company has now gone bust
i have accidantly deleted my embassy appointment confirmation mail and it is deleted about ten to 15 days earlier i even cant recover it by email recover option is there any way to recover that email becouse it is really important for me please help!
I have a need to store emails received and put in folders on my active email for business and legal purposes.  Is there a way to do that and if so how?
Récupéré message,que j'ai bloque par erreur
I went to Tools, Text size, and set it on largest.  (I just checked it now in order to be able to describe what I did, and it says Medium, despite my having set it to Largest.  But it isn't even medium.  It is microscopic.  I looked for other places to choose font and size but didn't find any.  Any suggestions?


fow do I change the frequency Windows Live Mail checks for email?

In Windows Love Mail when I click any hot link in an email I get the message "...file does not have program associated with it..." and am not able to go to the desireded link. How to fix this?

I am trying to email a group of people, who I have established as a group on the contact page, without the entire list of email recipients showing up for everyone to see. How can I do this. I have tried what I've seen posted on the forum so far, but each time the list shows up. Any suggestions?
 how do i change a email to pdf or a document that requires sending in pdf form