I use my live email account as my primary account. Just now, I added an outlook alias to it for my business purposes. However, I'm having a few problems.

First off, I'm using the windows live mail client. Receiving messages on my new alias is no problem, I already tested that. However, the problem is, that even though I set my alias as my "default from address", it's always suggesting to reply to mails via my live account. Even worse, my alias doesn't even show up as an option to send from in the drop-down menu.

Furthermore, when creating my alias, I told outlook to create a new folder for my alias. The folder immediately appeared in my windows live client. However, emails I receive to my alias, appear in the general inbox of my live account, and the alias folder stays empty.

Can anyone tell me how to fix these things?

I'm receiving a lot of emails, it's important that my inbox stays tidy.
I have a need to store emails received and put in folders on my active email for business and legal purposes.  Is there a way to do that and if so how?

Dear Madam/Sir,


I'm a freelance translator currently working with UNESCO. And today I'm not receving emails from the Organization. I actually received only one.


I've checked the blocked senders, I sent emails to myself and asked friends to send me emails. I received everything, except UNESCO's emails.


Can I please know if the account is blocking emails, I need to sort this issue ASAP for very important business purposes.


Pls help.