I have a need to store emails received and put in folders on my active email for business and legal purposes.  Is there a way to do that and if so how?
I am in desperate need of support because my email was hacked on  Friday, December 21,  2012 .  I cannot reset my account because I don't remember the telephone number associated with my account.  The email which was compromised is **Remove for privacy**.  Please help me because I am so worried about the access that the hacker has to account.  All of my statements, bills and information comes through that email. Thank you. 
In this version of Hotmail it would appear that I have to go to each contact I want in a group and add them one at a time from their contact page.  Isn't there a way to go into a group and add everyone you need by a search or something?  Every, and I do every, other e-mail account I use has this capability and Hotmail used to.  So, now what?
I suddenly need a password to access my e mails but it will not accept the one I used to use - can I alter it so there is no need for one or how to I cahnge it?

Hi Team,

      I was in need of all my chat history from the begging, its quit urgent for me. Pls can anyone help me in this case, it will be very helpful for me.


I can not figure out how to add folders to Hotmail, windows 8. Can anyone tell me how to increase the font size of incoming mail on Hot mail?

I can increase font size on everything in windows 8 but I do not need that. Thanks so much for your help.  Big Al

Hello, I have a MAC OSX 10.5.8 and cannot get my hotmail account to work with the Mail Program on my MAC. Can someone help me out?



This Microsoft site is even acting up!! How can I get my hotmail to load, it just goes white and hangs up my computer I hate it! This Microsoft site won't let me submit a question either..Whats going on I NEED MY MAIL!!
The visual pattern of my inbox has changed and I don't like it. I now have to scroll down to see my inbox list and it does'nt look the same as before. Previously when I clicked on hotmail on the msn homepage the inbox came up without the need to scroll down, also the visual format was familiar to me. As far as I know I have done nothing to change things so what do I do to restore the original format?