Siempre he abierto automaticamente mi HotMail.   Hoy aparece una Página de Microsoft, que me dice que No es valida ni mi E-mail. ni mi contraseña? lleno el cuestionario y me piden mi No. e tarjeta y Pin.   YO NO MANEJO TARJETAS. Que debo hacer?   Gracias

There has to be a better way  as I notice there are a lot of complaints on Hot Mail e-mail.  This has been going on for months...

30 to 200 junk e-mail everyday from the same companies or people keep coming, it appears there are a lot of other complaints on this problem.


{removed}@hotmail .com



Ididnt  consent to Outlook , it was just changed  from Hot mail  to Outlook

hot mail de volta por favor!!!!


I got an e-mail from the Microsoft Team they saidthey would have to reset my password because an e-mail I received had a Virus they said if they did not hear from me in 24 hours they would block Hot MailThey wanted to know my user name and password  I hit Reply and a prompt came up

which said do not give your information out so I didn't and now my e-mail is blocked and I do not know what to do

I suddenly lost my access to my mail through my android mobile. A  technical operator after checking my mobile  tell's me Hot mail is blocking my access ! why ?

I can not figure out how to add folders to Hotmail, windows 8. Can anyone tell me how to increase the font size of incoming mail on Hot mail?

I can increase font size on everything in windows 8 but I do not need that. Thanks so much for your help.  Big Al