so lately( this week, today) I've been getting a LOT of spam in Outlook.com. And keeps on coming even is the junk filter is set to exclusive and that I block the senders' "e-mails"*.


I've searched about this online and found that it happens to many people using Outlook.com as the spam filter just doesn't seem to work!


I've tried everything I have found on Microsoft Answers, other forums and search results, but NOTHING works! :(


*- http://sdrv.ms/173CRjY - the image of the adresses!


Here is the folder for the images of the spam: http://sdrv.ms/17KtRhV

There has to be a better way  as I notice there are a lot of complaints on Hot Mail e-mail.  This has been going on for months...

30 to 200 junk e-mail everyday from the same companies or people keep coming, it appears there are a lot of other complaints on this problem.


{removed}@hotmail .com



On one of the newsgroups I subscribe to, there is a member who sends a lot of 'off topic' messages, but they are always properly identified in the subject line with an "OT:" Is there way to filter out any messages that contain just the 'OT:' in the subject line?

A lot more complicated is fixing the Contacts than editing Folders.  Why?

I have to fix up one persons email and guess what: it's nearly impossible.

compare to re-titling a folder.

I've used my 2 hotmail addresses for over 10 years. I am happy with what it does and how it works, and also have them both as mails to a lot of forums i subscribe to. Is it compulsary to change to outlook?  If it is, then i will just close all my accounts with microsoft e mail and go elsewhere. 
I get a lot of spam, and every spammer's email is being added to a "contacts" list.  So every time I go to send a new email, if I begin typing a deliberately stored name I have to sift through the phony contacts to get the right one.

Is there a way to stop unwanted incoming spam from becoming added to a contact list?

Folders are not Hidden. I use them a lot and need help knowing what happened and how to get them back.
iMac; Outlook 2011;
My conversation history was there not too long ago, but was replaced by a new archives..possibly because I talk to this person a lot. How can I see messages from months ago?
I use messenger strictly for chat and i use a lot of custom emoticons. I see that skype has no support for custom emoticons. Will I still be able to use my old messenger application? If one of my friends and myself still retain the old application, will we be able to log in, chat and send each other custom emoticons?
i got a lot of threats from those emails :
*** Email address is removed for privacy ***
*** Email address is removed for privacy ***

what shoud i do ?