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I am trying to send a highlight video of my daughter's 2013 lacrosse season via Skydrive.  How do I change the "Subject Line" that people will see when I share it?  It shows up as, "Brian has shared a video with you.".  I am worried that coaches will not open it, especially if it goes to their spam file.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.



I am talking about WLM and the error msg  error code 81000494 which may have been answered in the past.   My WLM keeps dropping out all the time, tho all the other programs are still on line.     Is it work being done at your end, otherwise, how do I stop it dropping out?

On one of the newsgroups I subscribe to, there is a member who sends a lot of 'off topic' messages, but they are always properly identified in the subject line with an "OT:" Is there way to filter out any messages that contain just the 'OT:' in the subject line?
Since upgrading to Window 8 Pro (from Win 7 Ultimate), whenever I create an email message in Windows LIve Mail, when I tab to the "message" section, the curser freezes when it hits the "subject" line - I have to restart Windows LIve Mail.  Is there a fix for this?

I have Office 2011 for Mac and can't find a box to check to make the "contact list" automatically pop-up when I want to forward an email that was sent to me.I only can type a letter or two into the" to,cc,or bcc" line then it lets me ONLY choose from the list available with those letters in it. I'd like to be able to see the entire "contact list" at one time and choose from that.
 Pc uses have a box to click on just to the left of each line to, cc, and bcc that provides the entire contact list. 
Where is the option that allows me to see the entire contact list  when choosing "forward"????
Tried "options",  but not working. every Hotmail action  shows at screen bottom "https// " on every action I try to do related to normal Hotmail working. My screen is not as usual , mixed up , page formats overlayed and as i say the above line comes up every time.  
I can not find subject line, can not searching email....
please let me know
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All of a sudden, almost every word typed in an email comes up with the red under line, indicating misspelling, but the words are correct.  How do I fix this and get the spell check working properly?  Thanks.