I have a Samsung Galaxy3 and had to do a wipe and restart and reinstall all apps. I am trying to add my Hotmail acct to my cell and I enter the correct username/email and password (it works on my PC) but when I enter that info on my cell App it comes back with user name and password incorrect and/or cant be authenticated from server. Why is this happening and how do I fix it. I didn't have this issue before I had to wipe my phone.


How do I transfer my "People" individual and group contacts from my Hotmail account to my gmail Google acct, and then to my Android cell phone and and to my Amazon Kindle Fire?


Thank you


I'm using a LG840G cell phone with Tracfone service.  When I go to Broweer, I select email, then Hotmail.  At that point I'm provided the logon for Windows  Live.  After entering the correct ID and password for my account, I receive a message saying the information is incomplete.  What's missing?
This *** Email address is removed for privacy *** has contacted me via cell phone and e-mail stating there will be a lawsuit and also officers will come to my house with a warrant if I don't go to a Western Union and send 150.00 and use
the MTCN number then call his cell phone and give him this number to show I have sent the money.  He says the money is for a creditor I owe, but when I asked who the creditor was he refused to give me their name.
Another thing is he has sent me a couple of different addresses to wire tge money to. i have googled this johnmills and it is posted he is a scam artist. I have saved all his e-mails. What should I do?

                                      Thank you, Becky Crowe

I have had cricket service for my cell phone for many years now and I have always been able to access my msn hotmail account from my phone. As of August of this year I have not been able to access msn hotmail on my cell phone.  Every time I try I keep getting this message "Security error, untrusted server certificate".  WHAT DOES THIS MEAN AND HOW DO I FIX IT?!
My account has been blocked, and the only way to unlock it is to have hotmail text me a code.  I don't have a cell phone.  Npw what?

Good morning . I used my home computer to sign up for health Vault in hotmail .Now my wife isn't able to get our emails from her cell phone. Can I just delete this account and go back to normal ?


I have a very strange email that appeared to be sent from a friend asking for my cell number...my friend didn't send it so someone hacked my or her account...I want to forward it to Hotmail...where do I send it?
I keep getting notifications on my cell phone that my login attempt was unsuccessful. I'm not attempting to log in and neither is anyone else in my family. Is someone trying to hack me? This is happening every few minutes for the past 24 hours.