i have live mail 2012 and it receives my charter.net mail and my hot mail. i go to live mails charter accounts properties button but there is no box to uncheck for leaving mail on server under advanced tab. any ideas?
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E mail has not worked for a while.  I went to hot mail. but I want to go back to my windows live mail.
Live Mail error ID 0x8DE20003

Since up grading from hot mail to outlook , i lost all my hotmail emails.how do i get my hotmail emails back ?
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All of my old saved hot mail emails did not and have not appeared on this new Outlook.

In fact, all's that is there on the blue toolbar is the word 
new". I hit everything and try everything and nothing works.

It shows nothing - not one - and just tells me that I have a very clean inbox!

There's no "Reply", "Delete", "Archive", etc.

Can't get it to work.

Reward for someone to call me at my office here in New Mexico and walk me through this. 


Doug Priestap
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i have problem in Microsoft outlook email i was use Hotmail.com  and  i was change to  outlook than i reopen my outlook account then i can't see my old email please check this how to get that 
old mail :@hotmail.com then i change to @outlook.com

thank you  
Porque no puedo recuperar mi Cuenta de Hotmail porque Pierdo mis Contactos y mis Fotos , y me hacen abrir Cuentas Nuevas cuando desde el año 93 uso Hot Mail como mi Cuenta Principal  (Predeterminada )? desde que comenzó microsoft y me dan la cuenta de Outlook tengo muchos problemas ,No puedo recuperar mi Cuenta de Hot Mail? Si pero sigo sin Conseguir ni Recuperar mi cuenta de Hot Mail