How can I rearrange the order of the folders in my Inbox.  There are several there and I would like to change the order.  Dragging them in the same Inbox folder doesn't do it.

Original title: Folders in Live Mail Inbox

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2 months ago all stored email folders disappeared.  They came back, but now in a section marked 'folders'.  Then, yesterday, the actual emails disappeared again.  The folders are there; the headings of the emails are listed but when I click on one to read it, I am told the 'is no file to view'.  Is there any way  I can recover them?  Any help (in very simple terms - I  am a computer novice!!) would be greatly appreciated.  I have read the replies posted to similarly affected users but they didn't make any sense to me ....  sorry.

This just started a couple of weeks ago. I'm running Outlook 14.4.1 on Mavericks 10.9.3, but before I updated, the problem occurred. The sub-folders just disappear after Outlook is open for a while. There appears to be no specific time and my RAM situation doesn't seem to be an issue. The folders come back if I quit and relaunch Outlook, but nothing I do makes them want to stick around. 

Rebuilding the database doesn't help; neither does dumping .plists or prefs. Any ideas?

I created a folder in Windows Live Mail with about six subfolders.

I was able to use these folders daily for about two years.

I was able to export and import them between my laptop and desktop computers.

They behaved exactly as the folders provided with the original equipment (Dell Inspiron 1545).

After some two years of constant, daily  use, the main folder simply disappeared with all its subfolders (along with two years of work).

I have read the saved threads with this same title to no avail.

Can you help?

--> 1  All the folders & emails are still in my email on my phone... I have the names of the folders. I have not synced my phone, as I am afraid that I will then lose those folders again. I would appreciate help with this matter, as there are important emails I need, for reimbursement, (over $200), amoung other issues, topics, & concerns.

Should I forward all the emails from the phone to my other email account & then forward them again back to LIVE MAIL?

Thank you!

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Hey all,

            I recently removed my hotmail account from WLM because the folders that I had created for my E-Mails weren't expanding, i.e. folders within folders...I did have a look at some settings but nothing seemed to work so I went for a simple quick fix of removing the account and uninstalling WLM and reinstalling and adding the account all over again...quick and easy fix. Only now, the account I removed is still there when I load up WLM, as well as the same account added all over again. The old account doesn't show anything in it, it's just still there and it's just annoying and I cannot get rid of it. Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is still there and more to the point, how to get rid of it

many many thanks

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I am new to windows 8 and am having trouble with my pictures. i created folders for all my pictures ( disney, tennesse, christman etc.) I then deleted the pictures that were shown by date because now they were all in folders. Well they are all back again!!!! I still have the folders but now all the pictures are also shown by date which I thought I deleted and now there are duplicate copies!!! What is going on. Help would be much appreciated.

I have Office for Mac 2011.

I have two Gmail folders. Don't no why?

I have deleted all files in the Gmail file which has these folders:


       All Mail

       All Mail



       Sent Mail


I have deletes every email in all of these folders and it rebuilds automatically.  

I get an error message from google that slows up my email that says i have sent too large of file, error code: 1206.

I was hoping that deleting all it would solve problem, but it rebuilds and the problem continues.

My other Inbox looks like this and works fine:


    On My Computer



Sent Items

Deleted Items

I have folders that I place certain emails to keep - today when I went to check on my email the folders and all of the content were gone, not only from my inbox, sent etc but also from all of the folders I created to hold emails for particular subject matter! - this is the second time this has happened since August 2013 when I bought my new computer and started using Windows Live Mail - can anyone tell me what is causing this and how it can be prevented in the future?