How can I rearrange the order of the folders in my Inbox.  There are several there and I would like to change the order.  Dragging them in the same Inbox folder doesn't do it.

Original title: Folders in Live Mail Inbox

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Today just like that, a whole lot of action started happening, all my email got out of its folders and landed in the Inbox folder, bolded, unread.  Lost all my Sent emails.  All email were read and filed in various subfolders which I had named.  Everything is messed up.  I am not sure what happened.  Can someone please help me re-set my email and find the sent emails.  I am desperate to see those sent emails and have been trying for the last 4 hours.  Called Microsoft got the run around from phone to phone, never got any help.  Thanks.

I use Apple Mail but since I have Office 2011 installed on my Macbook I thought I'd take a look at Outlook.

I shutdown Apple Mail and started Outlook (for the first time), I entered the required info to access my IMAP email account (username, server settings, etc.). All seemed to go well and I could see Outlook retrieving my email.

After some time I noticed it said "All Folders Up To Date". I checked the Sent Items folder and saw about 11,000 messages (normal & expected), but when I clicked on Inbox I noticed it only had 750 messages (about 10% of what I expected). There were messages from the last month, then 5 or 6 messages from 2013, none from 2012 and 2011,, and 2 messages from 2010.

Obviously, this was not right, so I right clicked the Inbox folder & selected Synchronize Now but it would just say it was already up to date. Fishing around in the settings did not reveal any setup issues.

So, I thought that was it for Outlook, and when back to Apple Mail....

After opening my Inbox in Apple Mail I now also see 750 messages! There are thousands (literally) of messages gone in a span of maybe 10 minutes. I checked all other email folders (including Trash) but found nothing.

After 90 minutes on the phone with my ISP I could not get back the contents of my Inbox (also verified by going to HostMonster's webmail and see the same 750 Inbox messages).

Does anyone have an idea of what might have happened?

I am absolutely devastated right now. Gutted, and still in some shock (I am a one person home business that lives & breathes through email).

Any help offered would be greatly appreciated.


I have several aliases in my Yahoo business mail. With Yahoo online, all emails to all aliases go into the same Inbox. Can I have the same with Windows Live - I would like to receive emails from all aliases into the same Inbox folder rather than creating separate folders for each alias. Thank you.


My Outlook 2011 for Mac is super slow in syncing emails. I have 2000 items in my inbox and few sub-folders (not part of the Inbox folder) containing 1000 items each. When I send an email it gets sent instantly and when I receive emails that match rules, they get quick as well. It is only un-categorized emails that go to main Inbox are really delayed by 30min and more.

I can see constant messages at the bottom like: "Updating local folder" and "Determining changes"

Let me clarify few things before anyone suggests a fix:

1. It's not a network issue. Other devices on same network work fine.

2. I tried creating and new Identity and reducing number of items in inbox and sub-folders

3. I have late 2013 rMBP with 2.8ghz i7 with 16GB ram and pcie SSD so hardware is not a problem here.

What could be the problem? It's really annoying as I simply cannot use it for work.


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Is there any way to verify an email/business so that people that are subscribed to my newsletter should receive emails sent from me to their inbox instead of their spam folder?

Those people that I am sending emails to are subscribed to my newsletter which means that they have choosen to receive emails from me.

So the question is, what do I need to do in order for my emails sent to my newletter subscribers to land in their inbox folder instead of spam folder?

I apologize if I have posted this in the wrong section, I am new here.

My Inbox folder shows I have 14 unread emails but I have checked and read all of them.   Even when I have sorted it to unread emails, the 14 mails does not show.  How can I check and remove it? 


My Setup..

SBS 2011 with Exchange 2010

Macbook Air with Office 2011

On my mac, I have done it all.. rebuilt identity, file permisions check, rebuilt database, uninstalled... however the issue remains

My outlook 2011 does not download ANY new messages to the Inbox folder unless I clear the cache of that folder.

Interesting note is, subfolders download their messages.  This is JUST the inbox.

Same issue with same account on a different mac as well

Tried yesterday to assign a new alias under my account. After the creation, all email in my inbox folder were gone. I deleted the alias today, looked for the emails in the deleted folder and all other folders but they're nowhere to be found.

I think new emails are coming through with no problem. How can I retrieve the old ones??

Thank you very much for any help.