How do I connect to Outlook.com using Exchange Actice Synch (EAS) from Outlook 2011 for Mac?

I have atempted to do so using these instructions from: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/outlook/send-receive-from-app

Apps that support Exchange ActiveSync

With EAS you can get your email immediately, as well as see all your folders, calendar and contacts in one place. If your email app supports Exchange ActiveSync and you need to configure it manually, use the following settings.

  • Server address: s.outlook.com

  • Domain: <leave empty>

  • User name: Your email address

  • Password: Your password

  • TLS/SSL encryption required: Yes

Thank you

Bob Oxford

I am using Outlook 2011 on my Mac.  I have the latest Outlook loaded on a PC as well.

On my Mac, it is stuck in a continuous loop showing an unread message and saying in the status bar that there is a sync pending then that it's downloading attachments - which never happens.

When I use Outlook on the PC, this does not happen and all messages show as read.  Logging into web access for my account shows the same as the PC - nothing unread or pending.

I did a 'cache empty' of the inbox, have re-installed Outlook and have restarted both Outlook and my Mac.  None of that has worked.

Help !  This constant cycling is causing slow performance and irregular behavior within Outlook.

Any guidance is appreciated.

Thank you.

I have moved many emails from my exchange email account to my gmail account using Outlook 2011 for Mac.

Those emails are all part of folders/labels. When I check my Gmail account in the browser I see only a part of the emails that I moved. Checking Outlook reveals, that:

- "Sync is pending for this folder"

- Outlook starts to upload the emails that have not been synced before

- It looks like the upload is successful, no error messages, one by one all emails get uploaded

- But they never appear in Gmail

- Outlook starts the whole process all over again

This has been going on for days now. Closing Outlook, rebooting... nothing seems to help.

Does anyone else experience these issues?

Thanks for any help!

Hello, I have a problem with Outlook 2011 for Mac. I am using three devices (MacBook, iPhone and iPad) and although Outlook is downloading received e-mails perfectly, the e-mails sent from iPhone or iMac are not downloaded at all. Any idea what should I change? I am using POP3 protocol as IMAP is not my favourite option. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

When i contact the customer service for Outlook 2011 for MAC only, they say i now have to buy the full pack of Office for Mac Business 2011 which has the same WORD, EXCEL and PPT that i already have which are working perfectly fine.  I don't need to understand why i need to buy all 4 of them in a bundle and why cannot i just buy Outlook 2011 for MAC?   Every other company offers these programs individually. Why not Microsoft?  Why this restrictive bundling is being enforced on consumers???????? 

Am I the only one who's seeing this issue?

I have just moved from windows onto Outlook for Mac. I used to heavily rely on the function in Outlook that enabled me to specify which folder an email should be saved to prior to sending. Does this exist in Outlook 2011 for Mac? I can't stand having everything go into my Sent Items.

I also previously used an add-in from Sperry Software but they don't support Mac so if anyone knows anything that does, it would be helpful. I am willing to pay!

Hi guus,

I just bought a Mac and I can see the Outlook 2011 for Mac is a bit outdated. Especially in the area of sync protocols - it doesn't support ActiveSync.

I heard some rumors that Office 2014 is gettting released for Mac this year. Would you happen to know a bit more detailed release date?

Do you know if this version will have the Active Sync protocol, so I can fully sync my outlook.com account with it? Currently I can only do email via IMAP.