Have completed the setup process, have received a confirmation email to my primary alias (original email address) from the 'outlook team'.

This message stated that my new alias had been created.

Followed instruction on how to send email from my new alias e.g.  Click on original email address immediately above the 'To' box in Outlook will show your alias immediately underneath your email address.

This did not work, my email address was completely 'dead', no link/drop-box apparent, nothing else visible on the page.

What next?

Tried yesterday to assign a new alias under my account. After the creation, all email in my inbox folder were gone. I deleted the alias today, looked for the emails in the deleted folder and all other folders but they're nowhere to be found.

I think new emails are coming through with no problem. How can I retrieve the old ones??

Thank you very much for any help.
I had a primary outlook.com address and one alias and set these up as separate outlook 2013 pop accounts (because I wanted the alias emails to go to a different .pst file) and it was all working fine. Then I set up an additional alias and now the first and second aliases won't download to outlook 2013. I am still getting emails to their relevant folders on outlook.com but outlook 2013 won't download them via pop any longer - it only downloads my primary outlook.com emails. I'm not sure if outlook 2013 is the problem or if its the outlook.com aliases. I've tried removing and setting up the accounts again on outlook 2013 with no success. Please help!
When I tried creating an alias I get the message You've added the maximum number of email addresses at the moment (we have a limit to help keep your account information safe). Please try again later.   I only have two aliases on my account.  What's the limit for the alias?
I have a primary icloud account but I want to send emails from my alias as well. I added both IMAP accounts and now I see double of every message. How do I turn one set off?
Does anyone know how to receive emails from my alias email account on my HTC android.  At present I only receive emailsfrom my main email address.
Tried all the settings on my phone.

help please...