Does anyone know how to receive emails from my alias email account on my HTC android.  At present I only receive emailsfrom my main email address.
Tried all the settings on my phone.

help please...
 I would delete it from the Sent items but it does not show there. Does anyone know where I can find the email or how to stop it from trying to re-send?
I'm currently using Outlook for MAC 2011 
Outlook will not open.  “This identity cannot be opened with this version of Outlook” .  Tried rebuild of database.  Updated to 14.0.0.  Updater says I am up to date on all versions.  I had a trial version on my Mac.  I deleted it then installed from disk.


I was using MS Office for MAC2011. No problems, but upgraded to Lion OS.  Now Outlook continually crashes with different error codes.  Tried to uninstall MS Office and reload.  Still same problem.

Any ideas?
Click add new account and select email option. Outlook then freezes and hangs, have to force quit to get out. Cannot get the email option to respond. Tried the Exchange option and this works OK.

I am unable to set up my email accounts. and hence Outlook does not function at all. Not impressed as I was determined to stick with Outlook when I started using a Mac.

Any help most welcome. Thanks.


I received an email supposedly from Hotmail asking for my user name, password, & some other information.  Tried to find a way to contact Hotmail to see if it truly is a scam but can't find a method for contacting anyone.
Tried to run Office 2011 for Mac 14.2.3 update. 
Can't run it because it says the apps Microsoft Database Daemon and SyncServicesAgent are still open.  
How do I close them?