I have installed OneNote for android. Works.
I have installed SkyDrive for android. Also works.

I have installed outlook.com for android. When I log on for the first time i enter userid and password.
I get a new dialoge screen that asks me to give the outlook.com app access. I press yes.
New screen - "Godkjenning mislyktes" which translates into "Authentiction failed".

I have tried several times to make sure it is not me who enters wrong credentials.


My Android Calendar will not sync to Outlook.com Calendar.

Though, my Outlook.com Calendar will sync to my Android (SOMETIMES).

I need to be able to put a calendar entry in my Android calendar and have it show up (sync) on my Outlook.com Calendar so that when I review my calendar for the day/week on Windows 8/Outlook.com, everything is there CONSISTENTLY.

How do I fix this to make it a bi-directional sync without worries that I will miss my appointments.

Thank you in advance for your help.

I am using the OUTLOOK.com web interface and the Outlook.com Android app.  I want to BCC the same E-mail address automatically when I send an E-mail from any of my E-mail accounts (I have two configured).   In the windows version of Outlook I would create VBA code to accomplish an automatic BCC copy.  In Exchange I would create a transport rule to automatically BCC.  What does one do with the OUTLOOK.com web interface and Android App?

Can I create a transport rule for Outlook.com or is there a hidden dialog somewhere?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.
Good night, I'm really frustrated because today I received a message from my android device that my outlook account need to be restarted, when I did it, my password doesn't work, I received a message that said "Authentication Error, Please Retry", so I check my account on the computer and works fine, anyway, I change the password, reinstall outlook.com from google play store delete cookies and data, restart my android device and nothing !!! same error, please help me, is very important for me access to my email account. Thanks
I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 with Outlook.com Android app (build from 10/10/13):

Client Version: 28.49.0430.3
Model: SPH-L710
OS Version: 4.1.2
SDK Version: 16 (REL)

Within the app, when I maneuver to "..." then "settings", followed by "General" and "Notifications", I get a blank screen.  There are no options to change email notifications.  I've also tried going in through the Android settings/accounts and selecting the "Outlook.com" account, still no notification settings.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled the latest Android Outlook.com app and still have no "Notification" options.  I would like to be able to control the notification settings in the app.

I have the "fine trace" logs for reference if needed.

I'm the developer for a 3rd party Android app that parses and displays MSG and EML files.

I've verified that the SkyDrive app for Android doesn't call the Intent to open EML and MSG files that's registered in the system. I've made some tests with a "catch all" intent (that registers with the system in a way so wide as to catch every opening Intent from all apps we tested on so far) and I've got the same error:
there's no app installed that handles that file type

All other apps that we know of correctly open the right intent, so I wonder why this doesn't happen for SkyDrive.

Could you please check and clarify how the registration must be made to let SkyDrive know how to open the files with those extensions ?


Best regards,

There's no display name settings for android if you use exchange server in outlook and hotmail. But there is if you use pop3 or imap protocols.
Exchange works fine and fast.
In android email, it is possible to use gmail, hotmail, outlook at the same time whereas it not possible in google play outlook application to use outlook and hotmail at the same time.
Is it possible to update exchange server settings to add display name (nickname in google play outlook application) for android phones.
Best regards
I can setup oulook.com on my PC but it not set up on my HTC ONE android phone......help
Hi Genius People,

I am using SkyDrive Android Application.

Error Message : "The file couldn't be opened: Sorry, There are no apps installed that can open this type of file."

Steps :
1. I created a OneNote on outlook.com (Via Browser on My PC)

2. I installed OneNote App in Android Mobile

3. I installed SkyDrive Android App

4. Tried to open Onenote I created in step 1

5. I am getting Error Message "The file couldn't be opened: Sorry, There are no apps installed that can open this type of file."

What To Do ?