Could you please help I cannot get windows live mail to work in Updated  Windows 8, at the moment I do not have any mail client in windows 8 as the inbuilt windows mail in windows 8 will not support POP. 


Could you please help I know Outlook will work but it's expensive so what options do I have if some one could give me any information I would be greatful all my accounts are linked to my e-mail adress so it's important that I retain my e-mail address.


Hope some one can help.

Now when I want to send an email to a "group" I am asked to supply a name from the group and put it beside or as a cc to the name of the group.  Any ideas what is going on, and more importantly how to get back to normal use of groups name to send email to several recipients?  If I could uninstall 2012 and reinstall Windows Live Mail 2011 that would be fine, as well.  Thanks
Outlook will not open.  “This identity cannot be opened with this version of Outlook” .  Tried rebuild of database.  Updated to 14.0.0.  Updater says I am up to date on all versions.  I had a trial version on my Mac.  I deleted it then installed from disk.
Updated 14.2.2 and having issues with Office including the already mentioned ribbon issues with PP and Word.  However my Excel won't even open and my main issue is with Outlook.

Upon starting Outlook I'm asked to select an identity.  There are a number of them available but I can't find anything most recent...they are all from 2011 and I believe from before I purchased my MacBook Pro.  And when I select one I get the extremely helpful "Could not change to that identity."

So it's as if everything since then has disappeared.

So the most important thing is trying to find where the devil my most recent emails have gone and then I guess it's a matter of reinstalling Office???