Could you please help I cannot get windows live mail to work in Updated  Windows 8, at the moment I do not have any mail client in windows 8 as the inbuilt windows mail in windows 8 will not support POP. 


Could you please help I know Outlook will work but it's expensive so what options do I have if some one could give me any information I would be greatful all my accounts are linked to my e-mail adress so it's important that I retain my e-mail address.


Hope some one can help.

 I use my account REMOVED in English and in Spanish.
At the moment the spelling corrector seem to be set in English, so that when I type in Spanish all the words appear underlined.
I like to know if it is possible to switch form one idiom to the other and vice versa, and how to do it.
Thank you

I'm trying to send an email to 50 contacts in a group but I get this message come up.

'Your message wasn't sent because there's a daily message limit. But don't worry, we saved it in your Drafts folder. To increase the limit, verify your account.'

When i click Verify, I'm taken to a page requesting a mobile number. when i put my number in and click next i get 'Sorry, we can't do this at the moment. Please try again later.'

I've had this message for nearly a week now?

e mail ac opening but individual mails not opening
hi there,
for the past week i have had trouble signing in to hotmail as it's very intermittent can some one supply me with a telephone number to contact a REAL person ot do they not exist, 
I'm getting this message when I try and send an email: "Your message wasn't sent because there's a daily message limit. But don't worry, we saved it in your Drafts folder. To increase the limit, verify your account." Then when I click on the "verify your account" link and enter my mobile number, it keeps coming up with a message saying something like we can't do this at the moment, and so the cycle continues, on and on, and I still can't send the email! Can anyone suggest what I can do to sort this out? Thanks. 

Hi there,


Could you please help me recover and restore all my emails on the Hotmail server? All my emails seem to have been deleted from my Hotmail inbox overnight (it has been less than 24 hours).


I have a Macbook Air and synced my Hotmail via the POP server, and had unfortunately clicked "Do what my other program says-if it says to delete messages, then delete them " in the POP folder options in Hotmail as I thought it would only delete messages that I deleted on my Macbook, not my entire inbox.


There is nothing sitting in my "POP" folder at the moment in the Hotmail server. Could you please urgently assist in recovering and restoring all my emails?

Thanks for your help.


i have deleted by mistake some email conversations with a professor of my college that are really important for me at this moment. i have been unable to get them other way but i really need those emails . i do have the email address i was directing the emails to but i need the actual emails for proof .is there anyway i can get them back?
My main identity is now 10.7GB.. how do i safely reduce the size or archive contents ??

Is there an option like there was with Office windows to do this ??

I'm using an SSD so space at the moment is crucial..

Any suggestions....