Could you please help I cannot get windows live mail to work in Updated  Windows 8, at the moment I do not have any mail client in windows 8 as the inbuilt windows mail in windows 8 will not support POP. 


Could you please help I know Outlook will work but it's expensive so what options do I have if some one could give me any information I would be greatful all my accounts are linked to my e-mail adress so it's important that I retain my e-mail address.


Hope some one can help.

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I'm running Outlook 2011 on my Apple 10.6 machines - 2 desktops and 2 laptops.  They are synchronizing to an Exchange 2010 server at work. Everything works ok except I'm noticing that one task is missing on one of the laptops - it sees the others and they're being updated (synchronized) but this one is missing! What can be done?
Had IE9 on a 7 Home Edition.  Just downloaded Fire Fox, and it fixed the freezing problems. I do still need help with the "default mail client is not properly installed".  I am beyond grateful for any help.  I know less than the dog.
I am using the windows live client on Windows7 for my hotmail account.  Could you help me get it back please?
I just need emails sent today.
The title pretty much says it all.

I'm creating a simple text signature for a client on my mac, but the client uses a Windows PC.
How can I transfer/import a signature created on a mac into a Windows PC outlook and keep the correct formatting(design)?

i recently was on my hotmail account at work printing messages from a client. When I looked up there were 5 tabs open showing outlook. I closed them all but my hotmail account changed to outlook. Now I have a completely dofferent look. My emails don't open automatically. Does any one know how to change it back. I want my pretty picture bar at the top of my page not a generic sterile bar. Please help.
I installed WLM when Windows 7 first came out. I have version 14.0.8089.0726.

It seems that there have been several updates since. I have run Windows updates and it seems everything is up to date. But it does not seem to update WLM.

I do have a Microsoft account and do have installed (just as a trial), but I still want WLM to be my main email client. I have no need for Windows Live Essentials (I don't really know much about it, but I don't want messenger or any more stuff!)

Is there a simple update for WLM that will just perform the update without me having to reinstall or worry about losing my emails and account setups?

Reading the other posts it all seems so complex and convoluted. Maybe I should install Thunderbird or some other stand alone email client?
I cannot download google chrome nor firefox. I have a mac that has  the OSX 10.5 operating system. I cannot access my hotmail account as of a couple of months now.
I need to know what is going on with microsoft and the dropping off of a client that has used hot mail now for 10 years. And can this be fixed?
thanks, Maggie
Windows Live Mail 2011 hangs when I start my Windows 7 PC.  If I don't access mail for a half hour or so, I get a message "Windows Communications Platform has stopped working."  It crashes and restarts itself.  Afterwards if I restart the Live Mail 2011 client it works.  I also can get it working if I kill the process wlcomm.exe.  Looks like a bug in wlcomm.exe is the culprit.  What is rereally bizarre is that the same thing occurs on my Windows 8 laptop running Windows Live Mail 2012 .

I foolishly installed Skype and merged my Windows Live Messenger account with the understanding that I would be able to video chat with Messenger clients. Well, I can't. Turns out that my Mom cannot receive a Skype call. When she tried to install Skype, she got a "system did not meet the AGE LIMIT  for  MY COUNTRY" message. To make matters worse, it looks like Skype removed the msnmsgr.exe executable from my system. I tried downloading windows live essentials and reinstalling. It just says it's up to date and does not install messenger.


I have been video chatting with my Mom, who lives 3000 miles away, for years now. That is how I check how she is doing. Because she is 86, it is important for me to see how she looks. So I really need to know how to get Messenger back on my system or how to get Skype installed on her system.


Thanks for any advice you can give.