I use Outlook 2011 for Mac and have access when required to Outlook 2010 for Windows.

If I *insert* (so by that I mean I click on the Picture button to embed) an image into my email - it shows up huge.  By that - I mean the picture that should be say 300x300 px - looks more like double it, as if it's tried to zoom the image.  If I save, send, etc - it looks the same.

However - if I save it as a draft, and then load it up in Outlook 2010 for Windows - it looks perfectly normal and as I would expect.  When I send it - Mac clients have a huge image and have to scroll around, Windows clients see it as it should be - normally sized.

Why does the Mac version of Outlook insist on blowing my pictures out of proportion and making my life difficult?


I am using Outlook for Mac and am finding that it erratically caches email addresses.   How do I ensure that email addresses I use are always cached?



how can access to my exchange 2010 Personal archive in my outlook for MAC?


It doesn't appear !


I try on a windows outlook and it 's appear .



Hi, we are hosting Exchange for a customer that has some Mac's. One particular Mac user is complaining that he is receiving mail out of the sent order on the MAC. For instance there will be a string of emails and he will receive the reply from someone in the string before the original email.  But, he does say it arrives correctly on his phone.
OK, so I exported some contacts cards and - one by one - imported them into Office 2013 in Windows. But I found a tutorial online that said that I could output in another format .pst rather than .olm but I couldn't find a way to do it on the Mac side.

Now I've about 100 of 400 contacts that I manually exported/imported but I'd like to have the whole lot - including Calendar events. Don't know how many people are using Office 365 for both Mac and Windows, but I'd love to have all my info from the Mac to the Windows side of things... wondering if there's any sort of SkyDrive sync, as well.


When I opened my laptop this morning my outlook was completely blank - no folders, no contacts, nothing - no account. How can this happen? How can I get it back?

I've successfully set up my work email (exchange) on my iPhone & iPad and everything works and syncs.
I also want to set it up on Outlook for Mac (2011) but the exact same settings will not work on Outlook.  
By the way, I've tried this with both the VPN on and off (not using VPN on iPad & iPhone).

Am I missing something?

How can I configure a outlook.com account in the Outlook 2011 for Mac?
Can the MS Mac team consider in their next revision of Outlook for Mac to allow a framework for add-ins?  There are some great products out there that help tie together data from multiple sources and cloud based email, calendars, CRM, sales systems like Xobni, Cue, etc.