I am trying to email a group of people, who I have established as a group on the contact page, without the entire list of email recipients showing up for everyone to see. How can I do this. I have tried what I've seen posted on the forum so far, but each time the list shows up. Any suggestions?

Today my account switched to Outlook which is a product I do not want to use.   Hotmail has been my account and it is what I have paid

for.  Who has the authority to change my email account without verifying that change with me, the customer, first?  When I entered this forum

I can see there are others who are equally frustrated and wanting an answer to the same question.   MSN makes it very easy to pay for

services on my credit card and impossible to get support for a problem that is clearly on their shoulders.   Would someone PLEASE send

me an answer on how to fix this issue. 

I tried to follow the steps given in the forum i.e. opened 'Windows Live, Alt T, but couldnt find the 'Options', only Internet Options. Please help

This problem exist second time with in this month that i am unable to sign in to hotmail from my pc and it works fine if i use another computer. This is very frustrating. Last time it was fixed after i subscribe to this forum, hopefully it will be fixed again.

I want to keep data of MAC MS outlook in the different partition instead of default one, how can I do it? 

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I'm running Outlook 2011 on my Apple 10.6 machines - 2 desktops and 2 laptops.  They are synchronizing to an Exchange 2010 server at work. Everything works ok except I'm noticing that one task is missing on one of the laptops - it sees the others and they're being updated (synchronized) but this one is missing! What can be done?
I am having problems accessing my hotmail account.  I have sent details of this problem to the forum.  The answers I have been given aren't relevant to the problem and will not help.  I want to speak to a real live living breathing person who know something about this and I find it much easier to absorb and respond to information and advice this way and I read that there is no such facility available for Hotmail issues.  I find this extremely unsatisfactory and frustrating and would like to know why this kind of help isn't available.  It isn't as though Microsoft needs to cut costs. 

If anyone knows how I can access a helpline that is authorised and without an extortionate fee I would be very grateful as I have  now been trying to access my hotmail account for ten days.

I need to know the Recent Log In Activity. 

My account was recently hacked, and after successfully verifying my identity I was able to recover it, but I need the recent log in activity for this account. From what I searched in this forum I need to request it.  Can I get this information?

I really need the history of IP my Hotmail account, I hope I did the procedure correctly.

My account was hacked yesterday and I am successfully throughout the procedure to change my password this morning.

I remade the procedure to change my password and I received the email with 2 links. I have not clicked as specified in the procedure on this forum.

Thank you for helping me