Today my account switched to Outlook which is a product I do not want to use.   Hotmail has been my account and it is what I have paid

for.  Who has the authority to change my email account without verifying that change with me, the customer, first?  When I entered this forum

I can see there are others who are equally frustrated and wanting an answer to the same question.   MSN makes it very easy to pay for

services on my credit card and impossible to get support for a problem that is clearly on their shoulders.   Would someone PLEASE send

me an answer on how to fix this issue. 

I receive the following error message when I attempt to send emails thru Outlook.
"The server does not support secure connections"   Anyone know where the problem
and answer lies?  I am also using Firefox FYI
Can someone please walk me through how to save a windows based excel file correctly so each field will show up in my new outlook 2011 for Mac?  So far, I have done imports saving my excel file as a csv but am missing fields once the import is complete, there has to be an answer here I hope.
Please give the answer to:   *** Email address is removed for privacy ***.   known as "Grandma Orange"
Most all Q and A's regarding syncing the Calendar in Outlook 2011 for Mac and iCloud have been asked and answered in late 2011.  Is there an updated answer to When will the Calendar in Outlook 2011 for Mac be able to sync via iCloud?