I'm trying to reset my password and the security question comes up like this ???μa p??t?? ?at????d???

I have no idea what the question is and I'm trying possible answers with no result. 

I've also tried to fill in the "account verification form" but was in vain too. 

The account's been created many years ago and I don't remember the informaion I povided then.

I need an answer immediately because I want to use my account, the password of which I haven't changed recently!

Hi Ralph
You seem to be a helpful guy.
I have a stupid sign in question.
I just created an account for someone else.
I remember the password but I am not able to login to the account because I don't remember the user ID. I know the security question, alternate email etc but I am not able to recall the user name.

Previously there used to be an option to get to this. To check the forgotton email. 

Can someone guide me to the link of that email.
A little help will be much appriciated.
I cant get into my account as the hacker has changed my password. I have tried changing my password , and also i tried doing the questionnaire. Hotmail did not approve this though because the person who has got into my account has change my security question. Please help ive been talking to someone over email and they said that this was the best place to sort it out.