When I went into my hotmail a week or so ago I saw a item on outlook. I thought I'd have a look and whilst I was there In also made a new name and  @outlook. Without realising that I had actually changed anything, I went back to my hotmail box only to find that my inbox etc had changed to outlook. I am having all sorts of frustrations with it and have looked and looked for a way to get back to my old hotmail. I just wish I hadn't looked now, how do I change it back to hotmail please?



I forgot my hotmail password. Tried to reset my password but keep getting "There's a temporary problem" for days.
I can access my account by cellphone SMS now, but cannot change the password.
Please help... I have a backup email address and a cellphone number in my account so I can prove that's my account.
Thank you so much.

Today my account switched to Outlook which is a product I do not want to use.   Hotmail has been my account and it is what I have paid

for.  Who has the authority to change my email account without verifying that change with me, the customer, first?  When I entered this forum

I can see there are others who are equally frustrated and wanting an answer to the same question.   MSN makes it very easy to pay for

services on my credit card and impossible to get support for a problem that is clearly on their shoulders.   Would someone PLEASE send

me an answer on how to fix this issue. 

I just completed training my staff on Hotmail use and do not want to "automatically " upgrade w/o time to plan retraining please restore my Hotmail capability asap If not I will contact Atty General, FCC, AZ corp Comm anyone required to get resolutuion


I was wondering if anyone could help me. I need to see if I was sent an email on the 23 of November from *** Email address is removed for privacy ***.

I was due to catch a flight today which has been cancelled. Airport travel is saying that they informed me of this change on the 23 of November – I have no recollection of ever receiving this email. They say that it may have gone into my junk folder; I delete this folder regularly, but I don’t recall seeing an email from them either.

I’ve tried to recover the email, but it says ‘ Sorry, we've tried our best, but unfortunately there are no mails to recover.’

Is there any chance of seeing if I ever received an email?

Thank for any help you may be able to offer,


I was unable to sign on to windows mail on my pc or windows live on my laptop. This all started about a week ago after a server problem. I received a password that worked on my pc using vista but it would not open on my laptop using windows 7. I have tried to reset it three time and I get a confirmation email on my pc with vista but I still can not sign on to my laptop with windows 7, it is very frustrating as I am going to be traveling and I need it. 

Salvatore Lamatrice

Hi I have Windows Live Mail  & Hotmail  as my email accounts,  and i am running  Windows 7 on my pc.   They have been working fine , but  the select font size  and font  colour , bold, underline  etc.  small  square  at the top righ of the page  as gone  faint ,   and wont  work, can you tell me how to restore it to its original setting , as it was when it was working .  Although I can still send and recieve emails  I am stuck with only  the one size and colour option ,   Your help would be very much appriciated  ---thank you----Dennis Goodwin