A few years ago I was a beta tester for a mail program update (Live I think). Well they gave me this little icon saying that I was a beta tester. The was a long time ago and about a year ago the jpg was taken down and I am left with this broken image link that I must delete very time I send an email.

Here is the code.


"<img alt="Beta Tester Badge 3" src="https://bay145.mail.live.com/Handlers/ImageProxy.mvc?bicild=&amp;canary=0YaTDHrbHuhIVFZ1cvr6%2fuEwvzDEDYbR%2bQYGZrntF%2bo%3d0&amp;url=http%3a%2f%2fwww.windowslive-hotmail.com%2fbetathanks%2fdownload%2fimages%2fdownload_3.jpg" border="0">"


Can someone help me lose this? Is it something I can do or does microsoft have to deal with it? I wouldn't mind replacing it with another image.



Ciao ho un problema simile, ma io riesco ad accedere, ma non si apre la casella di posta (*** Email address is removed for privacy ***) o qualsiasi altro link così non posso vedere nessuna delle mie e-mail. Ho eseguito una scansione antivirus e tutto, ma per favore potete aiutarmi?
I downloaded Live Essentials to my windows 8 computer and it won't let me respond to a website link as I am able to do on my Windows Vista and Windows 7 Op systems.  What's wrong?  Thanks.

I need to delete unused folders.    How do I do this please? Where has the "manage folders" link gone?



Hotmail provides the ability to recover emails that have been accidently deleted from your mailbox. Below are some of the highlights of the email recovery feature:

* The Deleted folder has a link to recover messages that were deleted from your mailbox.
* When you recover deleted emails, they appear in the Deleted folder. Hotmail tries to recover as much as possible. If you don't see the deleted messages that you wanted to be restored it means that they are permanently lost.
* We recommend that you move important emails back to your inbox or personal folders as soon as possible because the Deleted folder gets cleaned out periodically.
* When messages are emptied from the Deleted folder, Hotmail will keep these deleted messages for a few days before they are permanently deleted. You can opt-out of the feature if you'd like. When you’ve opted-out, you won’t see the recovery message and link in the Deleted folder.

Here are the steps to be followed:

1. Go to your mailbox and locate the deleted folder.

2. Below the page, you'll see a link saying "recover deleted messages"
3. Click the link and wait for the results.

Take note: This feature doesn't guarantee that all of your lost emails will be recovered. 


my e-mail is in a foreign language I can not read it

Original Title : Need help

next to my pic on messenger a Link came up ehich I don't want there but don't know how to delete Please Help as it is a gay site and I am a family man mHow do I delete it . I just can't see where I can get help. I wouldn't like my friend to click on this site

My hotmail account is frozen I cannot open any messages, I cannot send any messages the only links that work are my contacts, and the signout link. But when I signed out all that will come up is microsoft setting page demanding an alternatve emal when I enter one the page resets and dosen't register it. This has been going on since last night.