I went to Tools, Text size, and set it on largest.  (I just checked it now in order to be able to describe what I did, and it says Medium, despite my having set it to Largest.  But it isn't even medium.  It is microscopic.  I looked for other places to choose font and size but didn't find any.  Any suggestions?
 I hit either the shift or control key quite a few times when thinking I was hitting the enter button. I am using Hotmail on a desktop using Windows 98.
When using my Hotmail without the mouse, i.e. on the pad, the view suddenly seems to have zoomed out to very tiny print, despite it showing as Arial Font 12 . Any ideas as to how to restore to normal view please?
Hi I have Windows Live Mail  & Hotmail  as my email accounts,  and i am running  Windows 7 on my pc.   They have been working fine , but  the select font size  and font  colour , bold, underline  etc.  small  square  at the top righ of the page  as gone  faint ,   and wont  work, can you tell me how to restore it to its original setting , as it was when it was working .  Although I can still send and recieve emails  I am stuck with only  the one size and colour option ,   Your help would be very much appriciated  ---thank you----Dennis Goodwin
Somehow the size of the font in the inbox has changed to very small and is very difficult to read.  Help me learn how to change it back to where is was.
I would like my email messages to show as blue instead of black.

when I compose an email in my Hotmail account the font defaults to size 8 Calibri which is very small. How to I change the font size permanently to Arial 12 rather then having to change it every time I compose an email?
Joy: Do you know how to make permanent font changes in Windows 8?  The options section allows for temporary changes only and it's frustrating to have to make them each time I send an email.
Font is too small to read

I cannot access tools in Windows  Live Email;  I want to set the font to Georgia.  Why are the toolbar options not "hi-lighted"? I know the correct

way to re-set font(default is Calabri..arrgh!)is select tools, compose, select font etc. Help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.