I am in desperate need of support because my email was hacked on  Friday, December 21,  2012 .  I cannot reset my account because I don't remember the telephone number associated with my account.  The email which was compromised is **Remove for privacy**.  Please help me because I am so worried about the access that the hacker has to account.  All of my statements, bills and information comes through that email. Thank you. 
this is my wife hot mail because u gave me a link required to have a hotmail account and im asking for my password reset therefore i don't have access to my hotmail anyways again this is my wife's account  the number u provided me for this issues is RE: SRX1183829061ID  and my name is Richard S u should know the rest and i need u to communicate via my secondary email and ask me question about whats on my email account folders i can explain to u whats in the one any only folder i refer to in the id above and if u would only call me at  home which u have the number for or email me asking me the question and give me a email i will get a response from and not a unmonitored one i could clear this all up pretty dare fast i keep telling the ppl its old info there and i really forget to change it and will make sure i do now i tell u please please please help me with this issue

Thanks  for your time
Richard S

Is the message below really from Hotmail?

We've updated the Microsoft Services Agreement, which governs many of our online services - including your Microsoft account and many of our online products and services for consumers, such as Hotmail, SkyDrive, Bing, MSN, Office.com, Windows Live Messenger, Windows Photo Gallery, Windows Movie Maker, Windows Mail Desktop, and Windows Writer. Please read over the new Microsoft Services Agreement here to familiarize yourself with the changes we've made. To complete the changes you must Login your information within 48 hours by Sign in. Windows Live ID: (*** Email address is removed for privacy ***). Password: To save your account the link below:


Failure to confirm your records in 24 hours may result in permanent account suspension. The security verification process is automated and is not designed to be time-intensive. In most situations, you should be able to confirm your identity and restore your account in a few minutes.
Sorry, I was in a panic and actually wrote out my situation in the title! Oops. To recap, Got e-mail from relative and opened it only to find it to be bogus. Deleted it and wrote new e-mail to relative to tell her she had been hacked. Received an e-mail in response-from her address-from the hacker telling me it was "not a hack" and she needed money".  Called relative to explain what had happened and she has not been able to log into her e-mail or facebook account. She thinks that since I opened the e-mail the hacker may be taking over my account as well. She cannot access her distribution list and said she needs to go to Apple in person to get help. What should I be doing to block this?

I recieved an email in my hotmail telling me that my email files are infected with a virus and I need to respond to the email with new account information such as username and passwords name date...If I dont respond within a certain time my account will be deleted?????Is this authentic microsoft email or a hacker????

I was sent an email saying that my account has been compromised. It is asking for my log in, password, birthdate, and country.

I have been told that the true Hotmail Team would not be asking for these items.

What email can I forward this hacker email to for security follow up?

I know hackers accessed my email again, after I changed my password the first time...(more hacker emails were sent). I've changed it twice since but have no idea whether this is actually stopping them from accessing my email account? (I've also done hard disk scans, deleted cookies, checked firewall....) I have the free version of hotmail, I can't find any live person to talk to at MSN...... Any advice about what I should do is appreciated!