I've been unable to access my windows Live ID/hotmail for the past 3 weeks.
First, I was told my password was incorrect (which cannot be true since I was using it the night before this problem started).
So, assuming I was hacked or whatever, I tried to reset my password, through all 3 options (secondary email, security question, account verification)
It always ends up with the same error:

There's a temporary problem
There's a temporary problem with the service. Please try again. If you continue to get this message, try again later.

Even after contacting Microsoft help channel (solutions suggested include going through the 3 reset options AGAIN, Resetting browser setting), there is still no valid solution is sight.

Anyone else with the same problem? or anyone with a solution?

Hello, my Hotmail account has been blocked due to several unsuccessful attempts of trying to sign in, 

I cannot use the reset options provided which is 

- Send a code to my phone, as my phone number since has been changed and the old one is unavailable
- Send reset link to an alternate email address, as the email  which i provided for security has been deleted and not in use so i cannot receive the reset link their  

I filled in the validation form and have been rejected number of times as i dont remember the emails i sent as it was a long time ago, 
 i only remember the emails i received and who by and there is no option on the form to write that information down, 

My Hotmail is also linked to my eBay account is their anyway i can possible reset my password i even remember my security question and answer but the option to write that down is unavailable and i put it on the validation form and it was still rejected i dont understand why 

can someone please help me