I forgot my hotmail password. Tried to reset my password but keep getting "There's a temporary problem" for days.
I can access my account by cellphone SMS now, but cannot change the password.
Please help... I have a backup email address and a cellphone number in my account so I can prove that's my account.
Thank you so much.

I have Windows Hotmail and I recently got an e-mail asking that I reconfirm my information because they said someone has tried to get into my account.


They said to resend my information otherwise I lose my account. When I went to reply- there was what lookled like a personal hotmail account e-mail. This looks like a scam. Can you call me and let me know what to do? My number is <removed by the moderator> 

I get loads of emails in my junk folder from different domain address but all of them start with contact-(then a number here)@domain name.com. I block the domain names but I would like to block the sender name of contact- instead to stop these appearing in my email account.

The emails look as if they are from reputable companies (Match.com, for example) but when I click on the email them Sweep the email sender is contact-(number)@*******.com and I get about three or four of these supposed match.com emails but in each the domain name is different but still starts with contact-(number).

Please help
how do i take off my fax number from my email details at the bottom of my emails
Hello my hotmail account has been hacked. The phone number attached is an old number no longer in service and the password reset email has been changed by the hacker. I have tried the identity validation by providing information but received an email telling me that "Unfortunately, we were unable to verify your ownership of this account using the information you provided" would it be possible to either a) receive a PM allowing me to prove the ownership of this account. or b) deleting the account and all its content

Thank you
I have Bell Sympatico. At one time, next to the email groups, it displayed the number of people in each group, I presume a counter of some kind. With changes, the number of people in each group now does not display. This was good information, especially in determining maximum emails that you can send daily according to your account limits. Seems to me this would be an easy fix because the programming for this existed at one time. If it's not broken, don't fix it! Anyone notice this and what can we do to have this brought back?
I am in desperate need of support because my email was hacked on  Friday, December 21,  2012 .  I cannot reset my account because I don't remember the telephone number associated with my account.  The email which was compromised is **Remove for privacy**.  Please help me because I am so worried about the access that the hacker has to account.  All of my statements, bills and information comes through that email. Thank you. 

I'm trying to send an email to 50 contacts in a group but I get this message come up.

'Your message wasn't sent because there's a daily message limit. But don't worry, we saved it in your Drafts folder. To increase the limit, verify your account.'

When i click Verify, I'm taken to a page requesting a mobile number. when i put my number in and click next i get 'Sorry, we can't do this at the moment. Please try again later.'

I've had this message for nearly a week now?