I have Windows Hotmail and I recently got an e-mail asking that I reconfirm my information because they said someone has tried to get into my account.


They said to resend my information otherwise I lose my account. When I went to reply- there was what lookled like a personal hotmail account e-mail. This looks like a scam. Can you call me and let me know what to do? My number is <removed by the moderator> 

I maybe stupid asking this but after using Outlook Express for the past 8 years on my old XP computer i find using Windows Live hotmail on my new Windows 8 machine somewhat baffling at times. I cannot seem to find a way of asking for any new e mails on demand and find myself just having to wait for as and when i get them delivered, any pointers please.
received an email which looks suspicious asking for all users to:  is this legit.

Dear Mail User,
As part of the security measures to secure all email users across the world,All email users are mandated to have their account details registered as requested by the Microsoft Cyber-Crime Dept ( M C D ) .You are here by required to validate your account within 24 hours so as not to have your email account suspended and deleted from the world email server.
To get started, please click the link below:
This instruction has been sent to all Webmail Users Worldwide and is obligatory to follow.
Thank you,
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Just upgraded from 2004. Lot of questions coming, but this one is more urgent: emails just go out without the spell-check asking if I want to correct. thanks!
I've received an email from 'MAIL' asking me to verify my details otherwise my email account will be deactivated. The source is 'Newssend .com' 
I am suspicious this is a phishing scam.
Advice welcomed.
I received an e-mail from "windows live" asking me to verify my account info because there was a change. Is this legit or part of the Linked-in fiasco hacking? 
I received a e-mail from a*** saying my e-mail has been accessed from different location. She is asking mt to update my info. Does she represent you folks?