I have Windows Hotmail and I recently got an e-mail asking that I reconfirm my information because they said someone has tried to get into my account.


They said to resend my information otherwise I lose my account. When I went to reply- there was what lookled like a personal hotmail account e-mail. This looks like a scam. Can you call me and let me know what to do? My number is <removed by the moderator> 

2011 for Mac- getting error notice that the program can't send email due to server issue. Same server info in iphone sends with no problem. Comcast refuses to help. I've un-installed & re-installed the program but it didn't help.
Outlook receives email with no problems.

Any ideas here?
Thanks for any help.
My People list in my hotmail plus Peaccount differ from the contact list in my Google account. Furthermore, Hotmail will not allow me to select and edit or delete the ones that are incorrect and gives me the message "You can't change Google contact info, but you can add details that will appear on this contact's card." However, this contact is not even in Google. In there it is listed as "Timothy Davis" and it Hotmail People as "Tim Davis".  In Google I have searched for the person "Tim", as well as looked into all the fields for the "Timothy Davis" record and "Tim" simply does not exist! This is frustrating because I have spent a lot of time ensuring tht my contact list in Outlook 2010 is accurate and that it and Google are exactly in Sync. One of the problems that Hotmail is creating is that a date is loaded in the birthday field for both and I am ending up with a doubling up of birthdays on my Calendar. Any suggestions on how to fix this when Hotmail will not let me either edit or delete a record because supposedly it is tied to my Google contacts? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
I can change font color & style, I can change highlight color & style, but I have an UGLY pink background color in this area of e-mails I am sending to others. I need a normal white or something other than this childish hot-pink. It's not very business like. I have looked in options, but I can't seem to find any info re: this area of my outgoing e-mails. I'm using hotmail.
auto change to Outlook has ruined my account. I used to have one with Outlook  and it has picked that up I guess and wants info I no longer have access to.  I cannot change anything or sign in because of it. PLEASE HELP.. I did not ask for this upgrade and am now messed up.
All contact info is gone including groups. How can I retrieve them? It has been at least one week and I have not received a reply.
i reset my info through the links and still wasnt able to recover my emails! i have over 400 that are very important, please help!
I have recently been locked out of the hotmail account I've had for over 10 years. I tried 3 times to recover it, giving a lot of info which should have confirmed my identity perfectly. i now have a new hotmail address, but obviously have a blank contacts list. Two questions:

Is it possible to somehow retrieve my old contacts list, so that I can inform them of my new email address?
Has my old email account been destroyed? If it has been hack I wouldn't want anyone else using it!!

This has been a nightmare which has nearly put me off hotmail for life!    

I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8 over the weekend.  I was forced to do a PC refresh and re-install Windows 8 a second time in order for it to work on my laptop.  I find now that the PC refresh erased my Contacts from Windows Live Mail that I was using on Windows 7.  I am able to recover the Contacts files from my online backup prior to the upgrade.  But is there a way for me to import them into the People app or at least to open the file to get the info to manually add some of my contacts into people?  I have lost some important email addresses that I did not have stored elsewhere.  They were backed up.....