I have bought an office 2011 for mac for home and student, I need to upgrade it to office for home and business since I need the outlook to receive all my emails.
I have tried to purchase the product key but unfortunately my country is not in the list. I live in Indonesia.
Is there any other way to buy the product key to upgrade the office to home and business?
I have two hotmail emails, one for gaming and one set up for business, work, or other professional situations.  My work email somehow became corrupt and when i log in it says it looks like someone is using my account and they need to verify its me, but when i click to have a security code sent to my gaming email, it doesnt work no matter how many times i click the link.  So i tried filling out the questionairre and got two responses saying i need to fill out more info.  Any help? This email is important and contains important emails.  Thanks.
I have two hotmail accounts - one is for business and the other personal. Both of these accounts are recieving the "enter code as security" for each other. I have has several codes sent to each account 9for the other one) and NONE of them work at all. It now says I have 3 days in which to sort out or my accounts will be blocked. I use this for business and cannot have this happen.
I have contacted Microsoft "live chat" but to NO AVAIL and was directed here. I anm really fed up with this now as I have far more important things to do than chase up hotmail accounts that should be running fine. I notice on the FAQ that customer support says reply on secure e-form.. Where is this?
HELP.. I need this sorting immediately. Thanks.

Is there something like outlook.com for business , which allows personalised domain name (like gmail)?? If yes how to subscribe.
I have a business and when people send me emails with pictures attached, they get a postmaster delivery failure notice.  I am not receiving their emails!
I am not receiving emails from a company I do business with. Their tech support recommended my email provider to investigate. I have their 5 emails addresses on my safe list and address list.
I have a need to store emails received and put in folders on my active email for business and legal purposes.  Is there a way to do that and if so how?

 here is the alerts :


552 5.3.4 Requested action aborted; Our daily message limit was meant to stop spammers--we're sorry that it's getting in your way. You can wait a day to send your message.

 i did not send spam mail, all the email we sent are to our clients,long years of business partners .


daily , i have about 250-350 new emails ,but your Co limited my right to reply all. i can only reply about 100-120 email every day,  i want your help to lift the limitation and reply all my clients' e-mails.

 or give me suggestion how can i reply the normail email and without limited ?

 please give me help . thanks



Hi I have just purchased a new MacBook with Office Business for Mac. $200, a bunch of money but as i use it for business it might be worth it. . I am trying to transfer my Outlook E mail from my old Vista machine to the Mac. The apple store loaded the Office. On the outlook opening screen I go to To the opening screen. Then tools. No icon saying "Accounts". As far as my email provider knows this is the only way to intiate setting up an e mail account. Any Ideas anyone???